large family food ideas

When I was married, I entered marriage with the convenience foods mentality.  We ate mostly boxed foods and our grocery bills were sometimes $200 a week!  That was with 2 small children.  Not good. Over the years it took much learning and encouragement  from a dear friend.   This was a woman who knew how to run a large household effectively and  how to cook for them from scratch. She taught me how to bake and cook things simple for my family. I was always under the impression that for your family to enjoy your foods they had to be:

  1. expensive
  2. made with many ingredients
  3. take hours in the kitchen to prepare

No longer do I think that.  Here are most of the foods that we enjoy on a monthly basis.  Most of them are simple, some are complex–due to a special treat, but all are easy to prepare.


Dinner ideas

sides and salads–breads

breakfast ideas

Deserts–frozen treats—snacks

Preserving foods/staples

Short cuts/tips for cooking






6 responses to “large family food ideas

  1. I love this section of your site. Thank you!!

  2. I love this section.I like your way of cooking. So glad to fine you.Thank you and be blessed.

  3. Thanks for excepting me. I would like to teach Home Economics to youth ages-8-17. Can you give me some ideas as to what curriculums to use and if there are any for free to download.

    • I have a home economics course available in book form that you can teach. You can download it as a PDF, order a hard copy from Amazon, or copy and paste everything from the online course. Look under homeschooling resources section and you will find everything you need. Enjoy!

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