Happy Mothers Day

I don’t normally ever post something on Sunday. I like to take this day and do as the Lord says…..rest.  But as I was doing my hair for church this morning the Lord laid it on my heart to post something small.

I want to pray for all the mommas out there no matter what your situation may be. Today is your special day.  Even if your children don’t come see you, or  your children are not walking the paths of life that “we” think they should, or maybe your husband doesn’t acknowledge today for you or maybe your just having a bad day.  I pray you see the little glimpse of happiness in your day today.  I know its hard work. I know the toil that taking care of babies can do to you. But keep looking up, keep smiling at those babies and give them lots of hugs and kisses today.  You may not get a day off because you can’t , just keep doing what you have to do, the Lord will bless you and honor you.

We are the ones to call blessed, we birthed those babies and got to raise them up.  We know God will take care of them if we do as we are told.  I love all you mommas out there…..take a few moments and do something good for yourself. Have a cup of tea or coffee, sit in the sunshine, or send an encouraging text to another friend today who may need it.

Be blessed today!  Amy

4 responses to “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Thank you for posting this on Mother’s Day. In so many situations, mothers are not given any credit, even on Mother’s Day. I was glad I got to go to church today and be with my children and am trying to let go of other things beyond my control. Happy Mother’s Day Amy.

    • Yes, I was very fortunate to enjoy my Mothers Day as well. Even while I was getting ready for church, and yes I still got little ones ready, inwardly I wanted to be selfish for a moment and then the Lord rebuked me and said, “Hey, yes it is your day, but today is MY DAY!” I said thank you Lord for that. Getting everyone ready isn’t is hard as it was years back so I kept on and went to church and came home and did exactly what I wanted to do……NOTHING:) and it was a beautiful day of sunshine and having fun. I know it is our hearts and how we look at things and when we get out of that self pity state, things change:) Let go, holding on is doing nothing but stress you out. Enjoy your day today:)

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Hope you have a wonderful one! I appreciate all your amazing work on this blog – in your “spare” time ; ) – in addition to raising 10 lovely kids. What an amazing job! : )

    I love your commitment not to blog on the Lord’s Day unless HE nudges you otherwise : )

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