Free course 4th grade Math and Speed tests

Hello, hope your all having a great week! I had a wonderful time with friends this past weekend and now I am back to my eyeballs glued to my laptop–to get this schooling done for our upcoming year! 🙂  I don’t mind, I enjoy it. I am looking at it as investing one time, to have it forever and to be able to help others.

Here is 4th grade math

4th grade math

I also am including speed test drills. I know we use for this a lot, but some of my children enjoy the physical paper tests, so I figured I would include enough pages to correspond with the math curriculum. When I put it together, I will place one page math per day and one page speed tests per day.

4th grade math part 2 speed tests

Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to keep working and will have more courses for next week! Be blessed


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