Book Lists for 1st-7th Grade

Hello everyone! Hope your having a great start to your week.  Maybe you have been thinking about school things…..but maybe your just enjoying the end of your summer.  Whatever the case…..I hope you can do both!  I have finally gotten all of my school things organized and ready to put into action…… month:)   I will be doing a video this week…watch for it!

One thing I did differently this year was to just print out book lists to keep in my binder for quick reference and an easy way to order from the library.  I have one in almost every grade level this year, so I listed all of the books that I “thought” we would try and read or that they might enjoy.  This just makes it easier for me to look and order online from our local library.

I am only do reading comprehension for two of my children this year.  I realized that with five of them doing pages, it was a lot of extra for them and me.  So I took the two that I know could benefit from answering questions on paper and printed theirs out.  The other children I know read fairly well and can narrate back to me what they had read.  You have to find what works for your family and that is what works for us.

I have book lists for grades 1st through 7th.  The book list for 1st graders is not for them to read, but for me to read to them.  I also included some read alouds within the grade levels.  This will allow us time to read some together as a family.

I hope you enjoy or maybe could use.  Have a wonderfully blessed day!

1st grade book list

2nd grade book list

3rd grade book list

4th grade book list

5th grade book list

6th grade book list

7th grade book list


2 responses to “Book Lists for 1st-7th Grade

  1. Thank you!! My 7th grader LOVES to read so I’m always searching for reading suggestions. I know he will enjoy this list too!

    • Your so very welcome. I hope to add more to the lists as my children read more and we find others to add:)

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