what to do with leftover baby infant cereal and food

After my little one has already turned one, I realized that I have an abundance of baby cereal and jarred food that I have gotten over the last few months.  He is not too keen on eating it anymore so I had to think what I could use it in but of course it has to be disguised or no one will eat it.  Here is a list of possibilities that we personally use in using up your leftover baby foods.

  • use it to thicken soups—instead of using mashed potato flakes we use a box of baby rice cereal
  • use it to thicken gravies–instead of using cornstarch we use baby rice cereal
  • do some muffin or bread making—we use baby banana food in place of mashed bananas when making these
  • make smoothies  we use jarred banana instead of cut up fresh bananas
  • buy baby applesauce, the only baby food, I believe, that tastes almost like regular adult food and serve to older children
  • use applesauce in place of oils in bread, muffin, and cake recipes
  • use any fruit to add to your waffle or pancake recipes for added flavor and nutrition


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