What if everyone was like you?

During the sermon this week at church, our Pastor challenged us to evaluate our life.  He asked these very thought provoking questions…….

What if everyone worshiped like you did?

What if everyone tithed like you did?

What if everyone spent time reading the Word like you did?

What if everyone walked in the Spirit of the Lord like you did?

What if everyone prayed as much as you do?

What if everyone smiled as much as you do?

What if everyone encouraged others as much as you do?

We can go on and on with this list, but how true it is.  Why do we expect others to do things, but our own selves will not do?   We may look at our “smaller” church and question why no one worships God like they do at the “bigger” churches.  We may look at the ministry and think they don’t have as much for the children as they do in a “bigger, more established place.”  We may look at our friend’s marriage and think our husbands are “jerks” compared to how other husbands treat their wives, and that WE should have that.  But what is the KEY that we are missing from all of this?????

We need to do what it is we are CALLED to do.  If we look around in our church and see no one participating in worship—well then YOU start it.  Let them see someone completely unafraid to step out and worship God as He deserves.  Don’t just leave and go somewhere else where the “worship is better.”  Start a fire in your church and watch it spread!!!    Your church doesn’t have ministry opportunities for your children……start something!!!  Find something that you can do and do it!  Someone has to begin the change, it doesn’t just automatically happen.  Do you want to see things change in your marriage???  Start praying daily,  for your husband.  Start changing yourself and see the difference that it will make in your relationship.  This goes for your children as well.  You don’t like something, then fix it.  But you have to do something!  Things aren’t going to change by us just sitting around waiting for God to do the changing.  It begins with us.

Become a change!!!!  Let others see the passion of fire that burns inside of you.  Start today.  Ask yourself these questions about your own life and see if there is something you can do to change things.

He who is faithful in the little…..will be faithful in much!

Luke 16:10

I know you will be blessed.  Your marriage will be blessed.  Your relationships with your children will be blessed.  Your church will be blessed.  Your communities will be blessed.  Our world will be blessed.

IF we all do as though we want others to do.

Have a great day today!!!

One response to “What if everyone was like you?

  1. it’s so true Amy, thank you for remind us !
    What if I looked at people as Jésus do ? with my heart , not with my eyes ? And what if I looked at myself as Jésus do ? I will work on it this week ! Be blessed !

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