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simple livingI talked this week about my learning to live like the Amish.  From that comes my simple living challenge for you. A simple life has a different meaning for everyone.  My simple life means getting rid of all but the essentials, choosing to eliminate chaos for peace, and spending time doing what is important to me—living life with my family.  It means that we can get rid of the many things that we do that are unproductive and wasting our days.  Getting rid of clutter which makes chaos in our life.  Leaving only the things that have value to us, so that we can spend time with the people we love and do the things that we love to do.    This series will give you 52 weeks of challenges or change to help you live a simplistic lifestyle.


Why 52 weeks? I figured it would be good to introduce something new to your life each week for a year.   Something that was small, but enough that you would notice  if it was making a difference in your life.  You may choose to do all 52 changes and that is great!  Some you might choose to do and others you might not want to change.  That is great as well.  We want to start making baby steps and if you do just a few that is a positive step towards happiness and simplicity in your life.

In each of the challenges,  I will give you something that will help your lifestyles be more plain and simple.  I will break it down to basic steps on how to make the change.    Some you may not want to choose, some you may try for a week and decide it is not for you, and others you will continue with for the rest of your life.  It takes making steps to change our current lifestyle . Having a life of simplicity isn’t always a simple process.   It can be done, in small baby steps. Sometimes you will take two steps forward and one step back.  The key is to continue onward and making those changes, little by little.    Take the journey and choose to live your life more plain and simple.

Bloggers call it being a minimalist.  I make it more basic—–just call it…… plain  living.

Here are all the simple living lifestyle challenges:

1.  Stop wishing for things you do not have

2.  Eat breakfast

3. Lower your voice

4.  Drink more water

5.  Clean a drawer

6.  Do not eat out this week

7. Choosing a heart of gratitude

8 Forgiveness

9. choosing to smile and laugh more

10.  To get more sleep

11. Switching to all natural cleaners

 12. Preparing for your day

13. Eat more veggies and fruit

14. watch your words

15. go tv free this week

16. exercise

17. clear a counter

18. play

19. live paper/plastic free

20. choosing to be happy

21.choosing to be thankful

22.write a letter

23.take a vitamin

24.gather up your fragments


26 clean a closet

27 declutter a room

28 eat popcorn

29. bake a treat

30 praise your spouse/children

31 to let go of guilt

32 bless others

33 get rid of paper clutter

34 pay off small debt

35 to clear your inbox

36 create a simple weekly dinner plan

37 listen to uplifting Christian music

38 simplify your clothing

39 learn to say No!

40 simplify your eating habits

41 a place for everything

42 learn to unwind from stress

43 get back to basics of God

44 edit your commitments

45 learn calmness

46 deduct people/things that subtract from your life

47 eliminate the bad stuff from our diets

48 challenge yourself

49 escaping materialism

50 establish routines

51 letting go

 52. making small changes gradually


18 responses to “Simple living lifestyle challenge

  1. So excited for this! Fun stuff! Whooohoooo!

  2. Looking forward to the next 52 weeks!

  3. OK … I’m ready for the challenge!! Many blessings to you!!

  4. Looking forward to the challenge as we have been working on majorly decluttering the house. We have two key words to help us: Simplify so that we can Relax!

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  6. Just plain living! I like that. So looking forward to this series. I’m striving for more “simple” in my living. ~Pamela

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  8. I would love to do this I am go to NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Julie Turner

    It amazed me how similar our lives have been.
    I too was drawn to the plain lifestyle and felt uncomfortable in the modern world. When I read your blog, I understood exactly where you were coming from. I have lived plain for over 10 years now, and I love it.
    Julie Turner

    • I am blessed to meet you Julie. Thankful for the internet to help build bridges among woman who are searching for similar lifestyles. Be blessed. Amy

  10. I am so grateful for this. I was raised so differently, we had “stuff” and always wanted more. To have more, to do more, to be more…I feel truly ready to have different feeling in my life and just reading this give me a greater feeling of peace. Thank you.

    • your welcome, we all think that the stuff we have and need is what makes us happy, but it doesn’t. glad it spoke to you. be blessed

  11. Do you have a link to print all of this out? Like a pdf or something maybe? I want to read it all, but I don’t have time on the computer 🙁 If not, I’ll print out individually. Thanks for ALL you put out here. Your homeschooling resources are a lifesaver. My daughter just copied “Jentzen threw dirt at me” today from her Grammar and cracked up wondering if it’s true! That’s soo typical here!

    • Haha, I am sorry, no I don’t. I do have it started as an ebook, but havent had much time to finish that, maybe this will motivate me to do that!!! Jentzen, funny, we did that sentence today as well:) No, didn’t happen, but most all of the names will be from friends of ours:) Enjoy

  12. Help Amy.I’ve been trying to locate be more simply. I want the world out of our lives especially my teen she has s getting not so good influences. To much entertainment. I want out. I want to live the basic ,plain ,christian lifestyle.

    • Hello Ana, take it one step at a time. Don’t jump right into things, it will be much easier to jump right out! Start with one thing and work on it. Then continue to build. Pray the best for a smooth transition.

  13. Buffy Jo Olson

    Thank you so much for this post. I can’t wait to use these ideas.

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