simple living lifestyle challenge 9 choosing to smile and laugh

simple livingThe change: choosing to smile and laugh more.

After a night with no sleep and cranky children I was feeling a little “worn” today. I was sitting with my children having oatmeal for breakfast, and we were talking about our tasks for the day. Sighs and groans started to proceed out of their mouths. I wanted to stop and discipline them for being so cranky, then I had to remind myself that they learn from their Momma whom they see each and every day.  I was reminded of the verse:

Rejoice evermore

This is something that has been one thing I wish I would have done more of in my life.  Especially when life was filled with a constant circle of nursing, changing diapers, feeding toddlers, no sleep, etc.  Life was  busy, well life is always busy no matter what you do, but at that time I was just in survival mode.  Most of it was a big blur.  Looking back my children probably saw more of mommy being tired and worn and probably a little bit cranky.  That is something I need to change.

Why make the change:

Have you checked yourself in the mirror lately?  What kind of feeling are people getting from you when they see you?  Are you bringing a sense of positiveness to peoples life by your smile?  Or are you bringing more tense,stressful things to the room?  Are people always wondering what type of “mood” you will be in next?  Or are they excited to be around you?

A smile or a laugh is contagious.  Being around people that are smiling and laughing will bring healing and happiness to your life.  It will lower stress levels, it will turn a bad day into good.  It will help change your mindset on things.

Smiles can:

  • break down the cold walls of indifference
  • warm a lonely heart
  • influence choices of people
  • brighten your mood
  • improve your outlook
  • help you to make positive choices in life
  • give a person who is suffering, hope
  • show you have a great attitude–even in mistakes and failures find the humor

When we go out I try and teach my children to always smile at people.  I tell them that your little smile might just change the way a persons day goes.  That person might be going through a rough patch in their life and seeing you smile or laugh might just touch their heart.  Even give the lost a glimmer of hope in life.

 My hope for them now is to see me smile more.  Now that life is a little more manageable, I feel like I have a second to breathe and think about things more.  It is times like this that I sit and be silly with them.  I smile and kiss my babies more.  I want them to remember Momma as a hard working woman who smiled when she went about her daily duties.

I want them to remember my smile.

How to make the change:


Smiles don’t just happen.  You can’t just set it on your face and keep it there without thinking about it.  You need to consciously think to smile.  When things start to go bad, put on that smile.  Force yourself to “fake it till you make it”   By putting a smile on and laughing at your mistakes and failures will enable you to let go of the stress of dealing with things.  It will help you to put a positive spin on the situation.  Over time you will learn to just naturally smile and laugh all the time.

When you are with people around you that are not smiling be the first one.  Don’t wait for someone else to initiate the smile, go for it.  Show them that your smile means that you will give them the attention they deserve.  It also helps bolster open body language, and reassures the other person of your sincerity. They will be more likely to open up to things when they see that you generally care and are interested.

Your smile is the greatest gift of all.

Are you up for the challenge to smile and laugh more??


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