simple living lifestyle challenge 8–forgiveness

simple livingThe change:  forgiveness

Hate……… such a strong word.  Whenever you hear someone say I hate this person or that thing it almost always emerges negative images in our brains.

So what if you have someone whom you hate…maybe some who:

  • has hurt you, physically, emotionally
  • has deceived you
  • took a part of your pureness
  • taken someone away from you

Over the course of my life I have learned that there is no hope or salvation in hatred.  Hate will eat you alive.  If you expect to be whole you must let go.  The energy spent being angry or getting even should be better directed at something useful.

Why make the change:


is your first step toward a life free of hate.

What does forgiveness mean?

Forgiveness means…….

  • I hate no more
  • I can goto sleep at night without worrying about it
  • I release my stress to someone else
  • helping others
  • a better world
  • letting go and releasing something powerful
  • a desire to grow

When you forgive you may never forget but you allow God to heal that wound in your soul.

How to make the change:

Forgiving someone is not easy, it may take a long time to do it but in order for you to be whole again you need to forgive.  When you say I forgive you to that person, it still hurts.  It does take time but in time, you are the one left not hurting anymore.  I have had to endure some painful hurt in my life and one of the best things I did was to tell that person that I forgave them for what they did to me.  Years later I do not have to deal with the wound anymore, it has been cleaned up and cauterized and now is gone.  I don’t feel the pain I once did, the memories are there but the pain is gone.  I have seen friends who have never forgiven for the same pain I endured and I saw how it just ripped apart their life.  I didn’t want that, and you DON’T have to have that.  Even though we go through bad things in life, doesn’t mean that we have to let it ruin us, let it make you stronger, bolder.

Are there some people in your life whom you have hatred towards?  Someone that you need to forgive and move on with your life?  Start today by making simple steps towards forgiveness.  Forgive God for being angry at Him, forgive yourself for letting things happen, forgive others for doing you harm.  Forgive and move on.

2 responses to “simple living lifestyle challenge 8–forgiveness

  1. So hard! How do you forgive when it’s your own parents? I hope after 4 years, endless tears, and many evenings with God that I have. Sometimes I thought I had, but I would catch myself thinking things like “Who do they think they are? After what they did???” Then that hate would creep in. I keep working at it all the time. Great encouragement. Thank you!

    • Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do in life, I believe. It is the last thing people want to do because we feel like if we forgive then that person is free and deep down we want them to feel our hurt. But really if forgive that person we can let go of that pain and give it to God to deal with. It allows our walk with the Lord to be unhindered and free to walk in peace in our life. He will then be able to use you and possibly what we went through to encourage someone else. Hate will eat you alive and harm your relationships. We need to learn how to not take offense, that is when we can truly forgive.

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