simple living lifestyle challenge 49 escaping materialism

simple living

The challenge: to avoid materialism

In our society it is fueled by consumption.  We are constantly bombarded with media ads, newspaper ads,magazine ads, television commercials, ads on our apps, the list goes on and on.  Having more and more things doesn’t necessarily make us happier, contrary to what society is telling us.

Living a less materialistic lifestyle doesn’t mean that we are to move to Alaska in a cabin and disappear from society.  What it does mean is that we shift our focus away from possessions so that they  become less important.

Why make the change:

We hunger for more in life.  We want more money, more power, more success, more gizmos.  We live for it.  We are constantly thinking what we would do when we make the next amount of money to buy such and such a thing.  It never ends.  We forget about the things that we already have because we are constantly looking at the things that we don’t have yet.

What motivates a person to want more? Here is what society tells us:

  • Having more things will make me happier
  • Having more things will make me more important
  • Having more things will make me more secure


How to make the change:

How do we go about making the change to resist materialism when our society is jamming it down our throats?


  1. We resist comparing ourselves to what other people have.
  2. We rejoice in what we do have and be thankful for it.
  3. Refocus on things that really matter and count.
  4. Return to God.  Focusing our happiness,our security, and realizing our worth can only come from God.

Here is a thought?  What is the opposite of materialism?

Giving.  Is it safe to say that the antidote to materialism is giving?  It means the exact opposite of getting.  The bible commands us to tithe.  Tithing is an act of generosity.  Each time you give you are winning the war on materialism.  When you go to pay your tithe, you are putting your faith and trust in God to provide for your security and to take care of your needs.



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