Setting up a cleaning system part 3

Are you diligently working on creating a cleaning system that will work for your family?  I promise that if you keep at it, I know it takes time, but you WILL have a plan in place and you WILL be successful.  You just have to endure and work your way through this.

Let’s now transfer all of your chores that you find that need to be done weekly and place them in categories by room.  Write down in the box the number of times you need to do this.  Let’s say for example you want your bathroom trashes emptied two times per week, then write the number “2” in the column.  If the task only needs to be done one time like dusting the furniture, then place a “1” in the column.

Weekly chores

Some examples of weekly chores for us include


  • wash floors
  • wipe out microwave
  • clean out refrigerator
  • wipe all cabinent faces
  • organize pantry
  • clean and polish stove


  • scrub the tub
  • wipe sink and vanity
  • clean and wipe drawers out
  • clean toilet
  • empty trash
  • wash floor
  • spot wipe walls for fingerprints

Living room

  • dust all wood items
  • vacuum –two times per week
  • wipe the windows
  • straighten bookshelf
  • water the plants

Boys bedroom

  • organize toys back to proper place
  • put away laundry
  • dust furniture
  • wipe off tablets
  • vacuum the floor —two times per week

Outside work

  • straighten the decks
  • sweep the porches
  • pick up the trash cans from the road
  • clean out the van
  • wash the van
  • clean out the chicken coop

Remember to keep working at your daily chore list each and every day.  You are beginning to form habits of doing something on a regular basis.  You will start implementing this weekly list as you finish with it.  Don’t hurry through it, just work diligently. You want a better system for your life.  You want a clean house that doesn’t overwhelm you will “stuff.”  Putting this into effect will help you.

I encourage you to keep at this. Have a blessed day as you strive to be the BEST keeper of the home as you can be!!!

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