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  1. Hi,
    In the strawberry dessert recipe, it directs us to whip the cream, but the cream is not listed on the ingredient list – How much cream does this recipe call for?

    • Hey Melanie. So sorry about that. It is one cup heavy whipping cream. I just added it ! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Debbie Perkins

    Hi Amy , I homeschool 2 of my granddaughters. My oldest one is in high school and doing your cooking class. I noticed at the end of each lesson that she has a assessment. How does she do that or do you or I do that??
    Not sure what it is?? Her name is Katelyn Emerson Crider

    • Hello Debbie, yes you fill them out for her and hold onto them. At the end of the lessons, you will give her a score based on how she did in each lesson. I can also send her a completion PDF certificate when she finishes the lessons. The assessment is to help you do a grade if you need it:)

  3. A few comments on Unit 5. Recipe for hearty chicken and rice soup is a broken link. On Unit 5 quiz the answers for questions 6-9 don’t seem to be in the material given. It is almost as if there are some things missing from the “tips for making soup” page. We can some answers from the recipes but if we didn’t choose those recipes to cook, we would have missed the answers.

    Great course. Both my daughter and I are enjoying it.

    • Sue, thank you thank you thank you! I am one to quickly get things done especially on things like this…create courses, writing schooling, etc and I don’t always check everything perfectly…my flaw:( I appreciate my readers letting me know when things don’t go right or links aren’t working. I have fixed all of it. Thanks so much again for taking the time to inform me. I am HUGELY appreciative!

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