preparing for your day–encouragement vlog #12

Had a rough start to your week?  Watch and see how you can change it for tomorrow.

2 responses to “preparing for your day–encouragement vlog #12

  1. southafricanmama

    Thank you dear Amy. Inspiring as always. Not a regular commentor but a fan. My life so different from yours – I’m a working mom of 2 though my heart longs to be a home schooling SAHMof a few more little ones. I guess the Lord sends us the life we need – to learn submission and experience His grace- rather than the life we want… Your message so inspiring though, blessings to you and yours.

    • Your so welcome. We are all at different places in our lives, different seasons of life. Your heart longs to stay at home…..keep that dream alive! You’d be surprised at how differently your life can change towards the things you want when you least expect it! I know I have experienced that, and it still blows my mind at how God can work the things that seem almost impossible out the way your heart desires. Keep believing!!! Have a blessed day!

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