Our “REAL LIFE” meals for the week

Hey everyone! I hope your having a great week.  Here is some more “real life” meals.  I love hearing the comments on how this is what is really done in homes.  We don’t always have the “Pinterest-perfect” looking meals, we make do with what we have.  No one has gone starving-ever:)  It works.

This week we did some baking and I wanted to try out this apple cupcake recipe that we had.  I bought a container of caramel frosting at the discount store and I thought it would make a great frosting—it did.  These cupcakes are so good, I only wish I had more diced frozen apples to use up.

I had two quart bags of diced apples so we made some mini cupcakes as well as………

some larger ones.  These were so good.  Click here for the recipe.

We used the canned caramel frosting for the top and the children had to put sugar sprinkles on—who cares if they are christmas ones right?!?!?

I also wanted to make a snack type food so I made this creamy cheddar taco dip. We have made one before but this called for chopped bacon—it was really good.  Click here for the recipe.  We served it with tortilla chips and then when those were gone, we used saltine crackers–still a good choice.

Then since last weeks waffles were so good, we made another huge batch.  This served as many breakfasts and then I froze some and I used some for quick meals when I couldn’t make any.    Baking day was busy, so we had an easy dinner. I made some chicken noodle salad.  This served as leftovers for my husband for a few days.

I made some store bought—gasp:)  chicken patties.  I was out of buns so we just served them alongside the noodles.  Easy meal–almost like chicken nuggets just a different shape:)

Chili is a good staple.I normally always have beans on hand. If I have taco seasoning and ranch powder, I can make this with anything.  I had green lima beans this week–so we used some of those.  I served with crackers.   The link is the recipe I normally use, this week I used:

  • hamburger
  • pinto beans
  • chili beans
  • lima beans
  • tomato sauce
  • corn
  • taco seasoning
  • ranch powder
  • salt

It is basically the same, just using a few substitutions.

The next day I made some hot dogs and we had those with chili. Some children just ate them plain.

chicken cordon bleu in crockpot. I served it with some egg noodles and veges.  Easy meal–using up shredded chicken, ham lunchmeat, and creamy sauce.

I also made a large pot of cabbage vege soup. For whoever would eat this–I only have a select few children who like it and it was my main meal most days.  I have been focusing on walking/running each night and this is a great healthy meal for me to consume.  I froze some containers after a few days and it was easy to pull out in the morning to thaw for myself for dinner or lunch.

I made this meal for my men. I had some roast beef lunch meat and onions and peppers. I placed it in a bowl with some beef broth and let it cook while I was doing other cooking.

I didn’t get a photo of it on the actually bun—but the next day out of the refrigerator:)  It was good.  Like a philly cheese sandwich.  I topped it with Provolone cheese. *Tip if your like my household and things disappear before you need them, I froze the cheese slices so that no one would eat them before this meal was made.

Then I started just cooking Kielbasa one day and was going to serve it plain with fettucine and sauce, then my daughter said, why not make Jared’s casserole. 

So I did, Jared—was a person my husband worked with and he made this at one time similar to it.  We have always called it Jared’s casserole.  Basically: kielbasa, pasta, alfredo sauce, and tomato sauce. Click here for recipe.  This was leftovers for two days.

This was another throw together day. I was unable to make anything before so I came up with this.  Not bad:)

Boil some noodles and add it to canned vege soup plus a few other ingredients. Click here to see how we made it better.

These were our “real life” meals this week.  Hope they give you some sort of inspiration to dig deep within your freezer and pantry:) Be blessed

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  1. I love it! Some of your meals sound as crazy as ours do. A little of this a little of that. Fun to see non-pinerest meals being served. Real family meals! A question for you…. with such a large family I am sure it is hard to keep everyone happy. What does the child who dislikes the meal eat?

    • That makes me smile. It has been a modge podge sort of week:) Down to the end of the month so we throw together what we have. For the child who does not like the food….like the one who generally dislikes it (will almost vomit) I do try and find an alternative. One child does not like potatoes, so I say okay, you can eat green beans instead. Or if they don’t like a certain meat I have–I will have a can of beans and say, “you have to eat some of this for protein” I usually have my cabbage soup or rice with vege and beans for myself and I don’t mind if a child has that instead of the main meal. But sometimes, I don’t have an alternative and I say, this is dinner. Take it or don’t eat. Now if it is a little child, I will offer something later like a healthy breakfast cookie–health not sugar:) but if it is an older child who can eat it without problems–just “chooses” to not eat it more attitude, then they don’t eat. I hope that makes sense. I’m not rigid, but I don’t do attitudes:)

  2. I’m not rigid, but I don’t do attitudes:)

    ^^^^^ YES YES YES!
    This was a random and rough week…
    Monday was labor day and we kept it simple… Burgers on the grill, corn on the cob, melon.. some horrible tasting brownies my mom made! lol – So bad I threw them away for her! Some nasty mix she bought!

    Tuesday and Wednesday my daughter had volleyball matches.. I pulled out a container of shredded beef and husband and the boys were respobsible for their own meals with leftovers and the beef…
    Thursday night I heated the last of the beef but that was not enough.. I found a 1/2 lb of cooked ground beef in freezer and heated that with taco seasoning for an additional offer…
    Friday night I had kids heat up a lasagna I had made and froze.. I was not home….

    one morning I woke early so I made a quad batch of pancakes for that morning and future mornings….
    Thursday afternoon I needed to warm the house.. so I used the last of the frozen bananas for muffins.. Then I defrosted a bag of shredded zucchini and mixed that with shredded apple for 2 loaves of bread…

    Of course nearly everyone in the house had a cold by last night so this morning I pulled 3 blocks of homemade stock out and a bag of chicken.. made a stock pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and served with grilled cheese sandwiches….

  3. I just saved the recipes for apple cupcakes (I have everything I need to make those today!!), the yummy dip and chicken pasta. Your hummus recipe is one I use almost weekly! Thanks for sharing these REALLY life meals:)

    • Your so very welcome, that encourages me to keep on:) The apple cupcakes are soooooooooooooooo delicious. I just hope I can find more of that caramel frosting;) Have a blessed day Esther!

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