Our first day of school 2016

IMG_20160902_133550It’s back to school time.  Hopefully your faces don’t look like Jentzen’s does on your first day back?!!?

IMG_20160902_133556Here is Madelyn, filling out her All About Me poster.  We made these out of Xerox printer paper that my husband had brought home from work.  My friend Tammy, wrote out a bunch of things like what is your favorite food, book, movie, etc.  Draw a picture of you, your family, or your pet.  What do you like best about homeschool….etc.  Then we took photos of our children holding onto them to keep for their “school memories.”IMG_20160902_133301We had a back to school party at our library last week.  It was a good day to hang out at the library.  One of those drizzle rainy days, where you feel like just chilling and that is what we did.  Here are Jadyn, Brooklyn, and Autumn filling their posters out.IMG_20160902_133020Here is my Autumn doing hers.IMG_20160902_133012Elizabeth filling in her chart.  She made a photo of her family, complete with her new aunt’s pregnant baby tummy:)  IMG_20160902_140432Then the children sat around the table and Summer brought Emoji cookies.  The children had a fun time decorating them.  Who doesn’t love sugar on top of sugar?!!?!?!  IMG_20160902_140701We played Homeschool Bingo, Would you Rather, and had a fun time just hanging out.  IMG_20160902_140759You can click here to print off any of the pages that we used for our party.IMG_20160902_141148Here is our librarian Ashley, a former homeschooling student.  We thank her for allowing us to do our get togethers at the library.  It started out last year with just myself and one other mom.  But we consistently stayed at it and in one years time, we have 15 people coming, if they can.  We are going to be going to our local community Fire Hall and apple orchard this next week.  We will be baking treats and making cards as a thank you to the workers.  It is a good time to teach our children to be thankful for the workers that volunteer their time to help out in an emergency situation.

IMG_20160906_092453Then yesterday, we had our first day of school.  I really debated starting because we are going to be moving, but I realized it only takes them a few hours each day to get it done and it will be good to keep them working at something.  Jadyn got up early as she  was eager to start.  Last year we did a lot of work where we were all together and it took a lot more time on my part.  Not even knowing we were going to move, I am thankful that their schooling this year is more self sufficient.  They took their binders  and did their work on their own.  A couple of times they would come back and ask for help but most they could do without any assistance.


Then here was Autumn, she is my laid back child.  If she could sit and play dollhouse or tablet all day, she would.  Last year she was my first grade drop out before Christmas?!?!?!?  We allowed her that and then picked back up after the New Year.    She completed her schooling by the end of the year and did great.  She doesn’t struggle with it, she just doesn’t like doing it:)  Today was more of a prying for her.  I am like, “Let’s go do school,”  and she was like, “I’m good, I don’t want to!”  It was comical.  By the afternoon, I got her to come and sit down for a bit and get her pages completed.  She whizzed through them quickly and was back to playing.  IMG_20160906_092458

Brooklyn woke up after feeling poorly.  Allergy season, but the only bad thing about being sick is that you can still do schooling.  She curled up in her bed and got hers done.  She rested most of the afternoon.

IMG_20160906_111550Evan  got his work done early too.  He is very good about getting what he needs to get completed so that he can go off and play his video games.

IMG_20160906_092555I, was able to run the home still pretty good.  The little ones were playing and I decided not to start Kindergarten with them until after we move.  To make the stresses of life easier on myself.  I did a lot more cleaning and packing up of things.  I am trying to focus on one room per day.  At least getting it down to just the essentials.  This will be my living room for the next few weeks.  I just need to keep little ones out of the piles?!!?!?  It was a warm day and by the afternoon the little ones were all playing in the pool.

I made a pot of spaghetti sauce early in the morning to make dinner easy.  We did peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  Overall it was a good day.  Busy,but a good busy.  I like the method we are using this year and I think it is going to work great especially since we will be moving. I will still be able to sit down and do the schooling part that I need to do like learning the states and our read alouds for history but I won’t have to do it everyday.

If I had to rate today’s day on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best….I would give it a 5!!!  I have had many years where the first day was just not fun and I was not looking forward to day 2.  But this year was good. Now that doesn’t mean that today isn’t going to be bad, but at least our first day went well.  Hope you guys have enjoyed your first day back to school, if not, know that today is a new day.  A chance to start over and begin again with a smile.  Have a wonderful day!

8 responses to “Our first day of school 2016

  1. Samantha Petrulak

    I love your site & your free homeschooling materials! Do you have a 4th grade curriculum? If not what did you do for 4th grade?

    • Hello Samantha! I am very happy that you have found us. I don’t have anything posted yet for free. Before we moved to our state, we didn’t have to test or have them in “certain” grades so we just did one whole grade mix, thus the math and grammar for grades 1-5. Since moving here, we have had to adjust and do individual grades. Next year I will have 4th grade. My recommendation, download both 3 and 5th grade and see which one your child can do. In reality there isn’t much difference in the two grades. If there is something that they “missed” before going to 5th grade, it won’t take their brains long to catch up on it. I promise. Hope that helps some. Have a great day!

  2. Cindy Holmquist

    Thank you so much for all your free homeschool information and printables! Do you have any curriculum for grades above 6th?

    • Hello Cindy, I am glad to meet you. No I do not yet. When I was doing high school with my older ones, I was not into blogging or even thinking of keeping some sort of copy from their school work:) I will over the next few years, but as of now not yet. I’m sorry. Have a wonderful day!

  3. DeAnna Fortino

    Thank you so much Amy for all your hard work and bringing this to us! I loved watching your YouTube video on this year’s homeschooling curriculum. One question…you state study plan…did you have a pdf for your outline of that? or maybe just an idea of how you are approaching that topic. Thank you DeAnna

    • I am very happy you enjoyed it. For the state study this year. I printed off the various different regions of the US. Each month we cover a different section of the US. On every Monday they got the list with the capitals and some ideas on how to memorize those together. Tuesday we filled in a blank US map with as many as we could remember. Wednesday I gave them printed list with the states and they write in the capitals and on Thursday I gave them printed list of state initials and they fill in the state name. Every week for that month is the same work over and over. By the end of the month, they have them memorized. We also started out by reading some books that our library had on each state. But we have since gotten and watched the series….How States got their shape. A little more lively than a boring book:) Its working. We are almost through all of them this month. Easy approach. We talked about what the different regions were like as far as weather and stuff. I hope this helps!

  4. DeAnna Fortino

    Yes!!! Thank you!! This was very helpful. And thank you again for simplifying my home-school life!! I hope you know how valuable you truly are!!

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