October Homeschool Party

Last week, we had our monthly homeschool gathering at our local library.  We plan one gathering at the library each month and then do a couple of field trips throughout the month. This month we are going to head to the Greenville Zoo and the Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah Forest.

What we did for our October gathering was to make a step book based on Me on the Map.

It was to show how you can incorporate step books for any class.  You can do one for science, history, or even based on an autobiography of a person.

We started out the step book by each child’s room, then their home, their street, their city, their state, their country, their continent, and then their world.   We used regular printing paper and cut them so that we could get two books from each page.

The older girls then made some yarn pumpkins.  We showed them how you could make them and then make more to tie onto some twine to make a fall garland.  You basically wind orange yarn around your two fingers about 150 times.  Then tie a separate piece around the middle.  Puff to make a pumpkin shape.  Use a green pipe cleaner for the stem. One of the girls cut the loops and made more of a puff ball pom pom pumpkin–it was cute.

The younger ones did some sticker pages from Johnny Appleseed that I bought from Oriental Trading.   

We had some apple slices and heated up some caramel in the microwave for a  snack.

The younger ones also made a slice of pumpkin pie.  Take  a paper plate and cut it into 5 pie slices.  Each child colored the plate brown to make it look like pumpkin pie. Let them glue on a cotton ball and sprinkle on some cinnamon.

We also gave away some Harvest snack mix.  It was a yummy mix of salty and sweet snacks. 

We ended our fun afternoon at the park for a couple more hours of playtime for the children and some walking time for Mom’s:)

If you feel alone in this homeschooling journey, start with something small, I started this group a couple of years ago after moving here from out of state.  It was just one other mom and myself for almost the first year.  The second year, we had a few more moms come, and now this year, we are growing even more.  It takes time to grow with relationships and meeting new people.  Stay encouraged, pray and ask God  something that you can do, to help expand your group of friends:)  Be blessed today!

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  1. How awesome. What a great idea for a gathering. We have a homeschool group as well and so far this month we have been to Fenders Corn maze in Jonesbourgh TN and we will be having a Ice Cream Social with a local Story Teller to entertain us. Our group gets together at least once a week. thanks for sharing what your group is doing. Blessing to you .

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