New Sixth Grade Basic Skills Curriculum Available!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week.  I have been working on getting the 6th grade basic skills curriculum up and ready for sale and now it is finished and ready to purchase.

You can click here and get it on Amazon. 

Again, if you cannot afford to purchase it, you can get all the courses on here for FREE.  The book just puts everything together and prints it for you:)  The answer key is available under homeschooling resources.

Thank you again for those able to help support my site.  It truly is a blessing.

I’m off to work on 7th grade…………………be blessed and have a great week!

2 responses to “New Sixth Grade Basic Skills Curriculum Available!

  1. Hi!! I’m wondering what subject areas you are planning for your 7th grade curriculum. Thanks for all of the wonderful free resources. I’ve used some of them and they’ve been a blessing to my homeschool. God bless! : )

    • I am happy you are using them! I just finished putting it together, now I need to proof it. 7th grade includes basic math/prealgebra, concentrating on writing, copying and memorizing a passage of scripture and a poem, english and grammar terminology to learn– and reading of course. There will be practice for standardized testing at the end of the year as well. I hope this helps, I should have it done this week, you will be able to download the answer key to see exactly what is in the book. Be blessed!

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