New book—Home Economics Household Skills

For those of you who have been waiting and wanting the entire year’s worth of home economics curriculum in a book form–this is for you!!

Home Economics Household Skills is a complete year’s worth of curriculum with over 400 pages. It combines Kitchen Skills along with Home & Personal Management Skills. Your daughter will practice the necessary skills to help make her become proficient in the household, her personal life, around the kitchen, as well as in relationships with others. Included is 36 week’s worth of character trait study devotions to help her enhance true beauty that can only come from the inside. We have also included personal checklists and evaluations, and weekly teacher evaluations and graded sections. This is the single most important class that you can have your daughters take for their future. They can gain every skill in the educational realm but if they don’t know how to grow in character and practical life skills they will be missing out on the basics of life.

 You can purchase it for $20 and download it by clicking here:

If you would rather have a softcover version, you can order from Amazon by clicking here.

6 responses to “New book—Home Economics Household Skills

  1. Hi Amy, nice to “meet” you! As I am also a mom to many, I can relate to much of what you write! You look amazing, and I loved reading about how you lost your weight. Having baby after baby and not losing the weight in between can stack those pounds on pretty easily. Congrats on your hard work! I also liked reading about van organization…the kids grow up too quickly, we only have 8 at home now, and our 15 passenger van is sitting in the driveway waiting to be sold…wah. 🙂


    • Oh wow!!! We were just talking about getting an SUV that fit 8 people for those trips that we don’t have to take everyone and I thought, “Oh to have the van “Parked” LOL. So fun. I am blessed to meet you as well.

  2. Hi Amy, I tried purchasing your book with the “Buy Now” button but the button is linked incorrectly. It’s going to the PayPal home page and not a purchase page/link. Will you send me the correct link? Thank you! Miles

    • hey Miles, try clicking on it again, it should take you to the sign in screen at paypal. If you are still having issues let me know. Thanks Amy

  3. Amy, that worked and the book is in hand. Thank you so much for your quick response. Miles

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