My daily life 11/30/16

Hello ladies, hope your week is going well.  This has been a busy week for us.  Last week we enjoyed having everyone over for the Thanksgiving holiday and that was great fun. Now it is a new week and it is back to work.

We have also been anticipating the arrival of our grandma and uncle.  We haven’t gotten to see them in years, some of my children don’t even know them.  But by God intervening and hearts being healed, we are getting to see her tomorrow. It has been years of praying about situations and having the faith that God will restore hearts in His time.  If I have to look at the situation as an outsider, I would say it was the “perfect” time.  I know that God knows best.

With that being said, we have had a busy couple of days. We have doubled up on our schooling. We only do book work school four days a week.  We took Monday and did two days and did the same for Tuesday.  This will allow the rest of our week for visiting.  Because our moving date got changed, we are behind a few weeks in our schooling.  But if we keep on track, we should be caught up right after the Christmas holiday.  I don’t want to be doing school in June.  I want to be swimming in the lake:)

I have been diligently doing chores as well.  I do my chores based on the days of the week so that I don’t have to do everything on Monday.  This week I did the same thing and doubled up so that the house was all cleaned by the time they arrive tomorrow.

That leaves me with an easy day today.  The children and I will probably go run some errands and pick up some groceries that are needed for the week.  We are planning a cookie exchange in a couple of weeks and I want to pick up some more prizes for games (I will do a post later) and a few other things needed for the house.  We go through a lot of trash–who would of thought:)  and our 3 trash cans just don’t do it.  Our last home had a dumpster and it was the best thing ever:)  But now I have to worry about animals eating through trash bags—no good.  So a trash can is on the list!

I was going to do some more holiday baking and freeze them, but I am just not feeling it.  I think you need to check what is inside of you and decide whether or not you should do something for the day.  It makes your day go so much smoother. Being on track with what you are “supposed” to do verses what “you” think you should do.  Try it today:)

I woke up thankful for the little bit of rain we had last night. The wildfires over in Gatlingburg are just horrible.  My heart goes out to the people and families.  There are so many that have lost their families and cannot locate them. It would be scary. As I type this, I have my window open and the wind is blowing inside at high rates.  I am seeing rain come down now.  Praying it wets the areas needed.

It is the first gloomy day since moving to this house.  I can easily see how that kind of weather can affect people.  I prefer blue skies and warm sunshine.  The sunshine just does something for me.  But today it is gloomy and wet and one of those days where you just want to crawl up on the couch and watch tv.  But in reality………….who can do that?!?!? My children will need things.  My husband will need me to do things and plus myself will know there are things for me to get done.  So I sit and drink my coffee, reflect on the goodness in my life, and think about what needs to be done today.

I hope all of you mommas and non-mommas are drinking coffee or tea as well.  Maybe you prefer water and that is AWESOME!   If you don’t have any goals for the day or any idea of what you WANT to accomplish……pick one thing that needs to be done.  It might be window washing or vacuum out the couches or bake some treats.  Choose one thing and focus on getting that done.  If nothing else falls into place at least by the time your head hits the pillow tonight, you will feel satisfactory in knowing you did that ONE thing.

Hope your day goes well.  Be blessed and know there are millions of other women like yourself out doing the same thing and having the same feelings and emotions and struggles as you.  You are NOT alone!  Ever.  Love you guys.


4 responses to “My daily life 11/30/16

  1. Thankfully we had a huge downpour here yesterday, I came out of the store unprepared and got DRENCHED : ) I have been ordering your Winter book lists from the library, it makes it so easy and fun for the kids. They have been enjoying your holiday “fun packs” too-thanks!

    • Hey Jen! I know we had it too, I decided to go shopping because what better thing to do with all the children and no umbrellas or raincoats?!!?!? LOL it was good fun. Not too fun unloading the van, but we did it. That was the most rain I have seen since the summer time. Hope it helped other areas on fire. So sad what happened over in Gatlinburg. I’m glad you are enjoying the books with your children and the fun packs. You are a good momma:) Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you! I don’t always get to watch your video blogs so I’ve missed your posts. Enjoy your visit with family 🙂

    • Thank you Esther that means a lot that you read this blog:) I am excited for the visit. Have a blessed day!

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