Managing a large family series part 2

This is part 2 of our series –managing a large family.

In part 2 we begin with my realization moment…………………..

As Ma said “Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Mend on Wednesday, Churn on Thursday, Clean on Friday, Bake on Saturday, Rest on Sunday.”

I started thinking, I  knew that there was no way possibly to simply do just one thing each day.  For example, on Friday I wouldn’t be able to just do my cleaning on that one day.  But I could choose a main focus for each day and focus mainly on that topic.  As well as throw in a few miscellaneous chores to fill in the gaps.

After some prayer and consideration I started out with planning out our week.  This is what my main focus is for each day:

  • Monday–Laundry day
  • Tuesday–Office day
  • Wednesday–Baking day
  • Thursday—Errand day
  • Friday–Cleaning day
  • Saturday–finish projects, family day
  • Sunday–rest day

With a day dedicated to a specified task, I am able to get everything done that I need to get done for that day.  That allows me free time to do my blog, during the evening while everyone is sleeping, instead of catching up on household work.

Also knowing what our focus is for the day allows the children to know what it is we are going to be doing and then they have a “heads up’ to how they can be a helper for that day.

So lets begin……As stated in part 1 , I mentioned that I recommend Steve and Terry Maxwell chorepack system.  I mentioned all of the negatives that we were having as a family, but I did not say that we still use their method, just a little simpler.

I made a list of all of the daily chores that needed to be done in our home each and every morning.  For example:

  • picking up floors
  • sweeping floors
  • vacuuming living room
  • dishes wash
  • animals fed
  • bathroom wipe

I then divvied up the chores between the children and then place them in their chore pack holders.  I then hook them onto their clipboards and leave them there everyday.  I do not switch them out I leave them their.  For the most part the children know what jobs they do every morning.

Here is a view of the current daily morning chores:

Download (PDF, 27KB)

This hangs on our homemade clip boards.  These were super easy to make and help with kitchen clutter.  If I have a paper for someone, or need to add a special chore for someone, I just write it on a small piece of paper and put it onto their clipboard.  It frees up much paper mess in my kitchen area.

053My children know that after breakfast they are to do their morning chores first and then get ready.

Download (PDF, 21KB)

This is what we post on the wall beside the clipboards.  Our version has some clipart in it, but I don’t believe I can post that for my blog:)  But the children go through this list to make sure that they get all that needs to be done for their morning.

Then after the basic chores are done, personal grooming attended to, we begin school.

For the most part, our schooling is done online.  We use  The younger children—-5,6, and 8, do a combined schooling from the online courses.  I would like to one day do something similar but make it more multiple child friendly, in time.:) We do our online lesson and then use Phonics Pathways and do a page from that for each child.  They are all at different levels of reading and this helps us learn the basics.   Afterwards I have the readers, each read me a book.  I then have ordered numerous books at the beginning of the month and I grab about 5 and sit down and read to all the younger half of children—ages 8 on down.

The older children, are pretty self sufficient at there school—I have one that I need to check his schooling daily and I do that after lunch –it takes me about 15 minutes of one on one time.  The two older high schoolers, come to me with any project or questions that they have.  Usually once a week we go over anything that we need to discuss.

We believe that the most important schooling is life learning.  We know learning book studies is important but would rather see our children doing hands on life lessons to prepare them for their future.  Our oldest was very determined to attend college, most of her days were spent doing book work as she enjoyed learning that way.  She is attending college and heading towards her Bachelors Degree.  The next son is a hands on man, he is learning many skills to equip him to successfully run a business by helping run our home business.  Our daughter is preparing by learning many homemaking skills.  She uses our home economics course to learn as many homemaking skills as she can.  She is becoming very virtuous by learning many different skills right now in her teen years.

We then break for lunch and make something simple.  Then have some dinner prep time, play time with the little ones, and then it is naptime.

During naptime, I get anything I would like to achieve for that day, sometimes it is extra schooling with a child, working on my blog, taking a nap—because I was up with many children, getting some baking done, whatever it is I have focused for my day–more on that in a few.

After naptime around 3, we have a snack.  Usually an apple, snack mix, pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, or whatever treat we may have baked.

We then all stop what we are doing, come together and complete our “extra” chores for the day.  I have them all printed out, clipped to our clipboards.  We then pick and choose based on whoever is available to get them done.  Some days my daughter has riding lessons and she is not available so I rely on the other children.  It depends on who is there that is why this works for us.  Our lives change much and this way allows me to get the work done that needs be done.

We also do a quick pick up of the house, for Daddys’ arrival.  We then have dinner and the rest of our night is free to do whatever it is Dad has planned.  Sometimes we watch movies and have popcorn, other nights are spent working on the family business.  Even the 8 year old is out in the garage using the planer making wood signs!

Having this schedule allows us to get everything done and then when Dad is home, have our time together as a family.  I used to work late into the night and be totally exhausted.  I would of chosen to do work instead of sitting watching a movie with my family.  I have since changed that mentality.  Mind you, there are days when I do need to do something other than sitting watching a movie, but I try and accomplish all of “our” work so that when my husband is home, we are free to do whatever it is he wants to do.  By the way, he isn’t controlling, he just REALLY enjoys his family:)

Okay, now that I gave a basics of how we schedule out our days, here is a day by day breakdown of how our weeks go……..up next Monday is laundry day



3 responses to “Managing a large family series part 2

  1. So excited to find your blog! I have loved everything I’ve read so far, and can’t wait to use your home ec course with my daughters soon! Blessings to you!


  2. What a spot on article, you don’t need my approval. As the mom of 6 going on 7 children, I am at the stage of implementing stopping our school day before daddy comes home. Up till this past year I would push us all till supper time and be too exhausted to fix supper all because I thought we needed to get everything done. I saw that it was very stressful for the children and myself and often my husband. I am determined to have this year be different. We enjoy our evenings with my husband/daddy as well. Thank you for sharing about your family, I appreciate your truth.

    • I am glad and happy to share:) Focus on what is important……peace and calmness in your home….that is the most important. You can get to the school papers eventually:)

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