How to make homemade yogurt

Every 2 weeks in our household we make 3 gallons of plain yogurt.  Why would we do that? Simple…..

  • Homemade yogurt is healthier for you with no additives or preservatives or sugars

  • Its less expensive

  • No packaging waste

  • It tastes better

As a mom, knowing the little bit of time this actually takes me is no comparison to the health benefits and savings this has for my family.

Let’s begin……………

This recipe makes 4 quart jars of homemade yogurt—–which will last about a month unopened in your refrigerator.

1  gallon of milk ( I use whole or 2% depending upon what I have)
1 6 oz carton of plain name brand yogurt

4 quart jars
large stockpot to heat the milk in
a candy thermometer

First sterilize your equipment.  You can place your jars and lids in a stock pot and about 2 inches of water then boil for 10 minutes.


Next, you need to heat the milk to a temperature of 185 degrees.  Use a heavy bottomed pot to avoid burning.

Once you have reached this temperature, Remove from heat.

Place your pan in a sink filled with cold water until the temperature has dropped to 120 degrees.

Then its time to add the starter.

In a small bowl, place the plain, store bought yogurt.

Add about 2 cups of cooled milk.
Whisk, then when thoroughly mixed, add it to large pot of milk.
Be sure to incorporate it well to spread the yogurt culture throughout the whole gallon.

Once mixed, its time to pour it into the jars.

I scoop it out with a  measuring cup and fill up the jars.
Place a lid and band on and tighten securely.

Have a cooler filled with about an inch of hot water.

Temperature should be about 120 degrees.  Place the jars into the cooler and close the lid.
  Keep in a draft free area, and set your timer for 3 hours.


When time is done, place yogurt in refrigerator  and let chill.  The longer you wait, the thicker the outcome.


Your yogurt should look like this..


Our family likes strawberry sauce, which is real easy to make…..


In food processor or blender, add strawberries, cup of raw sugar, and some juice concentrate. Blend until smooth.


We also top it off with homemade grape nuts cereal.

We have also made this with powdered milk and had the same results.





















5 responses to “How to make homemade yogurt

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  2. Your site is very encouraging! I checked out the EP all in one homeschool stuff last night and I think we may do that next year. I’ve had milk sitting in my fridge to make homemade yogurt with for 3 weeks and if I don’t do something soon, it will turn into something that we really don’t want to eat. I saw your recipe and wondered if you’d consider doing a step by step video on how to make it? …with all of the extra time you have trouble filling… 😉 The kids and I love watching cooking videos and doing the steps along with them. Anyway, just thought I’d ask.
    Thanks so much,
    Tami Kates

    • Thank you Tami, I will have to put that on my “to-do” list. I am wanting to do more videos as time allows, we will see what happens. Be blessed

  3. Do you simply make up a gallon of milk using the powdered milk and then use that as directed in your recipe? I bought a 50lb. bag of powdered milk, this would be a great way to use it!
    Jennifer L.

    • Yes that is exactly what I do. By using the powdered milk, the yogurt is “thinner” but still tastes fine. If you want a thicker consistency use whole or half percent milk. Enjoy it!

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