Large family series


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  1. Hi there, thank you for all you have done! Such a blessing. Do you have anything for typing or teaching computer skills?

    • Your very welcome. No I am sorry that I do not have anything. Check over at you might find something over there. That gives me ideas for the future:) Thanks

  2. Hi Amy, I’m impressed by your work. I think sometimes I need a teachers manual to present some of the lessons to my 7th grader. It is interesting to Him and he asks for help but I think if I did a presentation for him that would help more. I don’t know why I did not ask about this sooner. Do you have a teachers manual for the 7th grade curriculum? We found the answers online and that’s been helpful. We are on the 8th week so far and have done well each week completing each page! Thank you! R Williams

    • Hey there! I am very happy to meet you and glad that you are able to use our “basic skills” curriculum. It is very generic and it does not have a lot of teacher help. I understand about not getting everything–I get it. As I get older, I know I have forgotten a lot of the material as they do get older, but now that I have to repeat it so many times over–because I have ten children—it is helping bring it all back to memory:) I would highly suggest that if there is a part that your son is struggling through or maybe that you don’t understand fully, do a Google search. There are plenty of sites and videos that can walk you through the topics discussed step by step and that would help you get it better and in turn you can help your son. I may do something in the future as far as a teacher’s manual but my goal this year was just to get them all proofread and online:) Again, I am happy it is working and this gives me some insight as to something that I could do for the future. Be blessed!

  3. Hello, in the 8th grade book on page 1 the answer key says the 5ba question is 144, but it’s actually 180. Thanks.

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