kitchen skills main page

Unit 1

Major Kitchen appliances

Small Kitchen appliances

Safety in the kitchen

Hands on skill–using the blender

printable quiz, downloads, and assessments

Unit 2

cooking terms

cooking abbreviations

cooking equivalents

measuring accurately and choosing recipes

hands on skill using the food processor

downloads and quizzes unit 2

unit 3

practicing new skills


short cuts and tidbits for breakfast

hands on skill breakfast

downloads and quiz unit 3

unit 4

baking cookies

common ingredients

troubleshooting problems when baking cookies

tips and techniques

hands on skill baking cookies

downloads and quiz unit 4

unit 5

chopping onions

how to chop celery

how to chop carrots

how to chop a potato

tips for making soup

hands on skill making soup

downloads and quiz unit 5

unit 6

quick bread and muffins

tips and techniques


flour and fat nutrition

hands on skill making muffins/breads

quiz and downloads unit 6

unit 7

salad tips

vegetable nutrition

tips to building a great salad

hands on lesson building a salad

quiz and downloads unit 7

unit 8

bread baking tips

common ingredients and their purpose

steps to making bread

clean up

hands on skill making bread

hands on skill second project

quiz and downloads8

unit 9

meal manners

how to set a table

quiz and downloads manners

planning a nutritious meal

meal evaluation download

tips on making meals

making hardboiled eggs

hands on skill making lunch

unit 9 part 2 quiz and downloads

unit 10

chicken tips

all about rice

how to cook rice


hands on skill making chicken

unit 10 printables and quiz

unit 11

before you begin cupcake/cake baking

how to separate an egg

tips and techniques for cake baking


how to frost a cake

hands on skill making a cake/cupcakes

unit 11 quiz and downloads

unit 12

ground beef safety

ground beef tips

unit 12 quiz

all about pies

hands on skills making pies

hands on skill making a ground beef meal

downloads and assessments unit 12

unit 13

making dinner

hands on skill making dinner

planning your meal

healthier eating

unit 13 downloads and quiz

unit 14

quick cooking

slow cooker

hands on skill quick fix mix

hands on skill slow cooker meal

short cuts and tips

unit 14 quiz and assessment

unit 15




hands on skill overnight breakfast

unit 15 downloads

unit 16

hospitality meal

common cooking substitutes

hands on skill frozen dessert



final kitchen skills exam

final grading