Iced coffee drink similar to Starbucks frappuccinos

I love coffee. I love buying the Starbucks coffee drinks in the stores, but they get costly.  My husband is so wonderful to bless me with a “real” Starbucks Frappuccino almost every weekend.  But  being a frugal girl who likes to make her own things, I figured there had to be a way to make this coffee drink.  There is.

After many recipes, tried and true, nothing comes close to the taste that this makes.  I love it and will choose this homemade drink over a real Starbucks store Frappuccino anyday.

Try it, definitely worth your time to make it, I promise tastes just like the jar Frapps.

First choose your choice of coffee.  Since I wanted mine to taste like Starbucks that is the coffee brand I chose.  You choose your favorite.  I like the Espresso roast, as I drink these for an extra kick of energy half way through my day.

DSCN1569 Pour the coffee grounds into a large plastic container.  My container size is 6 quarts.

DSCN1570 Then fill your container with about 1 1/2 gallons of water.

Carefully stir the mixture so that your coffee grounds get covered.DSCN1580 Nice and muddy lookingDSCN1581 Cover your container and let it sit for about 10 hours or overnightDSCN1582 This is what you will have after that time…..the same muddy looking messDSCN1583Now we need to strain out the coffee grounds from the liquid. Line a smalll mesh sieve with paper towels.  Pour the liquid through the sieve straining out the grounds.
DSCN1585After you are all done straining out the grounds, you are left with your coffee base.  I keep this in my refrigerator and it lasts me about a month until I need to make some more.DSCN1884 Time to make a nice size glass for me and hubby.  Fill your jars or cups with about this much coffee base.DSCN1885 Then you add sugar.  Yes I know it is bad for you.  We use the raw sugar for everything else in our home, but it does not dissolve in cold coffee, thus the need for granulated sugarDSCN1886 For the size jar I make I add at least 6-8 Tablespoons of sugar, sounds like a lot, go check how much sugar is in a jar of this stuff.  If you do not add enough sugar, the taste is ruined, don’t jip yourself go for it and then scale back later on.DSCN1889 Add some milk, I use the fat free version, you can use whatever you have.  You need to add about 3 times the amount of milk as coffee base.DSCN1890 Add some ice cubes and give it a good stir.


 Yum delicious!  DSCN1899




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