how to treat acne

I know this part of your life is hard, most EVERY teenage boy gets acne, its just the natural part of growing up.  All those hormones are changing and it causes bodily changes within, you experience stress and unhealthy eating habits and bam!!! you have a breakout.  So what can you do to help prevent some of them??

Eat a healthy diet.  I know I am talking to a wall right now, but what types of food you put into your body, you are going to get out of it. Try to limit the amount of greasy salty foods, fast foods, and sugar filled drinks.  Increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that you eat.

Drink lots of water.  The only way to flush out those toxins is to wash them away.  Just pure water.  Don’t buy those sugar filled drinks.  Keep a water bottle with you and keep filling it with water.  Drink 4-5 of these a day at least.

Exercise.  Causing your body to sweat and allowing it to release those toxins within your body is a good thing.  The next step is to SHOWER as quickly as possible after a workout to remove those oily germs off your body.  Put on clean clothing afterwards.

Wash your face, neck, and back everyday.  After showering apply a product like an Astringent.  It is a liquid in a blue bottle.  Apply it with a cotton ball and wipe your acne prone areas.  You will see the dirt and oil left on your body even after you shower.  This costs only about $3 at your local store.

Avoid touching your face with your hands throughout the day if possible to avoid spreading any germs.

If you are experiencing extreme acne you can talk to your doctor about other products that may help.  Remember it starts from within. Instead of going and getting a heavy duty chemical to put on your face, start taking care of yourself properly and heal your acne on your own.

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