how to clean up a kitchen

When you are finished cooking in the kitchen, follow these simple steps to clean it up:

  1. Place any leftovers in containers and put in the refrigerator.  Cover the food.  Do not put the pots in the refrigerator, put the food in a container and wash the pots.
  2. Put away any ingredients that you used for meal preparation.  Put away spices, throw away any trash, and put used tools in the sink.
  3. Take a clean washcloth and wet with hot water.  Wipe down the counter tops.  Pay attention to the edges, any back boards that may have gotten splashed with food, and wipe up any cabinets that may have gotten food on them.
  4. Wipe down the table and any chairs that may have gotten dirty.
  5. Wipe down the stove, removing any food.  Wipe down any other appliance that you used when making the food.
  6. If you are doing a thorough wiping—take a few moments and wipe down the refrigerator.  Concentrate on the handles, which is probably the dirtiest.  Wipe the entire face of it.  Wipe down any other appliance, that was touched—microwave, oven handles, etc.
  7. Place all dishes in the sink and wash them.  Dry and put away.
  8. Use a dry towel and wipe up any mess around the sink from the dishes.  Pay attention to the back of the sink and under the dish rack.  Place your squeezed out washcloth on the faucet when finished.
  9. Sweep the floor.  Make sure you get into the corners to pick up any mess that you made.
  10. Wash the floor, as needed.  Sometimes you may have spilled things, or just plain made a mess.  Take a rag and a bucket of hot water with cleaner, and wipe the floor.  Start from the furthest area and move to the entrance of the kitchen.  Pay attention to scrubbing off any stuck on food or mess.  Dump the bucket—in a toilet.  Squeeze out the rag and put in the laundry and PUT AWAY your used items.
  11. Look around the kitchen and see if you have any other things that you may have left out.


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