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Having a large family has taught me many things:

1. I want my daughters to grow up to be skilled homemakers.  I want them to learn things that took me years to learn as a new wife.  Don’t you always want better for you children?

2. We must be frugal with all of the money that the Lord has given us to use.  How can I rightly justify spending hundreds of dollars on school books when I know that I can recreate that same hundreds of dollar curriculum with a little bit of time and work.

When it comes time to figuring out what curriculum I want to use for my children, sometimes it can be tough.  Depending upon my season in life, there are times when I have had absolutely zero time to research and just bought whatever looked like a good complete curriculum.  That year cost us much in money for schooling, but it was all I could do at the time.

Then there was the year that my husband was laid off and there wasn’t even a talk about “using any money for schooling” I did not want to burden my husband with the added pressure of schooling curriculum expense.  That was the year I realized how much “free” teaching there was online.  I took days and weeks of researching and planned out whole curriculum’s for each of my children.  That by far was their favorite year of schooling.


With all that said…I am excited to be able to offer our home economics curriculum to you for FREE!

The reason I chose this curriculum to do is because you cannot find “whole” curriculum for training your daughters without spending money. BTW  I am all for buying and blessing someone else’s hard work for sure, but I do know that there are a multitude of people out there in the same boat as we are and would appreciate a FREE curriculum.

You can click here for the Kitchen Course or here for Household and Personal Management Course.


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  1. What is the youngest age you have done this course with your girls? I am excited to try it. Thank you.

    • My daughter is 15 this year. But you could do it with a younger daughter I would say 14 is a good age to start.

      • I guess I am getting ahead of myself then! Mine is going to be 10 this January. She is pretty mature for her age though. We will see. 🙂 Thanks again!

        • I have a very responsible 8 year old, and she could do all of it with my help. It could be a course for the both of you to do together.

  2. I love this!!! I’m definitely going to pass this page on to my FB page… Our three youngest daughters are 12, 9 and 8 and I know this will be perfect for them (they all already have some decent homemaking skills, but it will be nice to bring it all together and make sure I didn’t miss anything.)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will pass it on to others.

    Angie McFarren

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! It must have been a lot of work for you to put this together and it is so amazing that you are offering it for free. I am visiting from over at Hope In Every Season. Have a blessed weekend!

    • Thank you for visiting and I am glad you enjoyed it, I hope it can be of some use to you or someone that you know.

  5. What a wonderful blessing this course is to your daughter! I’ve taken a peek and pinned it for future use. I am thinking of using it with my 13 year old next school year. Thank you for putting this together.

  6. I am wondering how to get started. Let me expand that thought. My kids age 14 and 12 are in all pre-AP classes in public school. We are having a really hard time with the school and are thinking of home schooling. I am starting from scratch and I saw you said you did a ton of research. How do I research? What do I look for? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    • Candice, I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with your schools. What I mean by “ton of research” is that I would take time, to look around the internet. There are so many “free” resources available to you. But it does take some time to look for them. I am hoping to keep putting out there the different resources that we do for “free” online. Have you looked into any online homeschooling programs, even through your school district?? Another suggestion is that if I was looking for a Biology course for my children, I would be typing in Free biology course,classes, lessons, online courses, etc. If I couldn’t find what I wanted I would look at the scope and sequence of the different subjects. I would then piece together what it is I would need my child to know. yes it takes some time, but you might be able to find someone else who has paved the way before. Check out allinonehomeschool.com We do much of our schooling through that blog:)

  7. Just LOVE this! I plan to take the course first. God knows I could use this. My oldest is 11, but I have three daughters (& two sons) and would like them to be much more prepared than I was for full-time homemaking. Thank you so much! You’ve been an answer to prayers.

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  9. i am teaching as a missionary in Nicaragua and plan to adapt and use this for a domestic arts class i will be teaching this year

  10. Sister Patricia. Muhammad


  11. Thank you Amy, for your inspiring work. I am a grandmother who taught my daughter and 2 sons at home. So what am I doing here now? For years I have taught girls about my passion, sewing. A local group of homeschoolers asked me to teach a complete HomeEc course. I declined, feeling ill-equipped. Your lesson plans have given me new inspiration. I plan to spend time working through it on my own and teach it next year.(Or possibly parts of it starting in January after my usual sewing lessons enhanced by your plans). My greatest blessing is seeing how my daughter has embraced the Proverbs 31 woman way beyond my example. Proof that God can use the least of us to bring about His purposes.

  12. Margarita Williams

    I think this is great.

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  14. Mandy Hadson

    Hi Amy, I only found your site 5 days ago I live in Australia and you have become my guardian Angel! ! – and I’m taking all the information you have provided me and starting a new organized chaotic life for my husband and 4 kids. Everthing from your organizing room by room (clipboards) to homeschooling my kids with extra subjects (home ec) which I dont think the school does very well. I am slightly obsessed with all that you do and I find myself reading your site trying to find ways of your wisdom and looking for the right path. I’m going to use your home ec class for my 9yo son – I want him to be a hands on husband/ father – my generation of boys is to worship his wife as she does him – building stronger families. Im having trouble making daily schedule for kids – what do you do and what do you think is appropriate time on technology for all ages of children. Thank uou for donating your time and effort, you are a godsend to all Amy! Your No 1. Fan, Mandy.

    • Mandy, your sweet:) I am happy you have found me and I look forward to sharing more. In managing a large family series, I broke down how we schedule each child. We are not super strict, they just know that they are expected to do certain things at certain times and then they are free. Technology….hmmmm it varies My ideal is to let them have an hour of video games/tv and then an hour of something else. We are actually working to detox some in the home from video games now lol. I like to say that if all goes well and we have a good work at it, then after dinner they are free to do what they want and that includes video games or watching videos. That could be 2 hours if we aren’t doing something else. I would love to say throw them away all together:) but I have to say my son, who did not respondto regular schooling taught himself to read while playing video games when he was little:) I say notice how they are acting—moody, snippy, fighting more, then detox from media things……let them “earn” them back they are not a right just a privilege. Less is best. Be blessed Amy

  15. Thank you so much for sharing the fruits of your labors! I will be using this with my son. I would ask that you consider modifying the text on this page to reflect the importance of both girls AND boys learning these life skills. I don’t want the my son rushing into marriage because he doesn’t know how to cook or clean and needs someone to look after him after he is old enough to be “on his own”. That should never even be a consideration. Either way, thanks, again.

    • John, thank you for your comments, I actually was considering doing that as I write my next ebooks. I may even do a course geared towards boys–to learn some home skills as well as some other real life skills. Hmmmm I may start sooner than later. Thanks and be blessed. Amy

  16. Nadia Noureen Mughal

    Thank u for presenting such a useful course

  17. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful resource! I was searching for a home-ec course that would be appropriate for my boys and found myself on your site. I am planning to modify it a bit to use with my boys, but agree that a boys’ course would be welcomed by many of us. I am looking forward to learning right along with them. Thank you!

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  20. Lee B. Velez

    in philippines I graduated with HOME ECONOMICS MAJOR…and all am looking for is to enhance my skills…I am looking where I can have my actual practice…I will be glad you will consider me as one of your apprentice…my purpose is I can teach and share my skills too to my students and proud with pride in sharing them…

    • This is wonderful! I am happy to be able to share all that I have on here for you to use. Be blessed

  21. Robin in New Jersey

    Thank you! I am teaching Home Ec at our homeschool co-op this fall. This will be a big help!

  22. Just purchased this today! So excited to start using it with my daughter on Monday! I dont see a link to download though.. Will there be an email with a link?

  23. JoAnn Hector

    Hi Amy: Homemaking classes in school are a lost art. I am happy. To find your classes on line. Thank you!😊

  24. LaNell Williams

    Hi Amy!
    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! I have friends and associates who are teachers and I was promised that I would be given the curriculum for Home Economics but I never received. (that was years ago) I feel that we’re all so blessed that you came along.

    • LaNell, I am happy that you are able to use this curriculum for your students. I am happy to share if I can. Have a wonderful day!

  25. Please send me free books for home economics.

  26. Okay, so I am a 36 year old SAHM and because I want to live more Biblically (not just studying what women in the Bible did, but actually doing it), I decided to start hunting the internet for free Home Economics courses. I have a brand new sewing machine, which I am secretly afraid of, and I want to put it to good use. My husband bought it for me and I really want to use it!
    I have 2 classes that I won on Craftsy to help me learn to make bags and other storage containers with sewing and also one to help me learn to make quilts. I have a son who is 18 months old and, while I probably won’t go as in depth with this courses as I would if we had a daughter, I will teach him certain things that can be useful for a guy.
    Because of my age, we may have one more baby and I am hoping for a girl! Truthfully, God blessed us with Mason and we never have another baby. That is perfectly fine but I would like it if he had a brother or sister to play with.
    Anyway, I will be using this just for me right now. I am so glad I found it! You said that you design your own curriculum for your children, are you under a cover school or what? How does that work? As soon as Mason is school age, I will be homeschooling him so I am curious about what would be right for us.

    • I love hearing your story. It is very inspiring to help us to learn to achieve new goals. No I am not under a cover school. I have just been homeschooling for a long time. With my four older ones we bought much curriculum and spent WAY too much money over the years. I realized that most things were repetitive and we just skipped a lot of it because they would better understand it as they got older. When it comes time to look into buying curriculum my mind thinks….I can just take some time and sit down and write my own, following a scope and sequence for their grade levels or I can just dish out the money. Thus I started writing it. It is very basic. But covers all of the things necessary to learn for each grade level. I would recommend working on more things that your child struggles with. But the core is there. If you look up what your kindergartner needs to know you will find that in my printable s, it covers all of that. It is meant to save you some money. I have nothing wrong with buying curriculum—-I sell a home economics course:) But for those who can’t afford it or who realize like I do that there is a whole world of FREE out there —you just need to start using it—then its great!!!I’d rather save my money on more hands on things like science kits, field trips, etc. Learning the basics—they did it back in the olden days on a small tablet with a piece of chalk. It works. Its easy. and its meant to help. Hope that helps you think on things. Have a wonderful day!!!

  27. Hi, I just saw the note at the top that says that this won’t be available next month?! ACK! I love this curriculum, and I just yesterday printed out so many of your handouts/quizzes–will I be able to use them in September when I start school? How different will the replacement curriculum be? Where will I find it? Please relieve my panic!

    • No panics!!! The one you printed off will be available. That is for the old one that did not have printables or quizzes. I have already deleted the course. What you see is what will stay:) Hope that helps. Amy

  28. It is a good thing to do .. and im interested ..thanks very much for helping us

  29. Thank you very much for helping us

  30. Is this an evidence based ciriculum?

    • I apologize, I am a little confused as to what you mean exactly by it being “evidence based.” Please explain further?

  31. Tasule Juliana concepts

    Hello Amy thanks for being kind and generous .Iam called Juliana I was teaching high school boys food and nutrition but now I want to start my own home based homeeconomics centre in Kampala Uganda .i was requesting to use your course here of course what is applicable to us and also to be my mentor as I prepare for my retiring from government service .we are in developing country and the young ones need to be helped hope to hear fro m you soon

    • Juliana, that is such a blessing to me that you will be using this curriculum ! Definitely use whatever you would like. No strings attached. Just a blessing! Amy

  32. Leilani Sabugo

    I just wanted to say thank you! As soon as I saw this website, I was full of joy. I’m 19 years old and my mom or dad weren’t really there for me much of the time so thank you for putting this website up. I needed the help. In the kitchen and in keeping clean and organized. Especially in the hygiene department and I was never really comfortable talking to my parents about pms…so again…thank you soon much!!!

  33. I have a daughter and a son who I would like to teach home economics to this school year. I came across your website and am very intrigued! I see you have four books. Of the four books, including your online course, what would you recommend for my kids, ages 13 and 15?
    I’m fine with the online courses for both of them, but if I wanted to purchase book for my daughter, which one would be best? I have the one for young men in my Amazon cart right now.
    : )

    • Hello, I am glad you will be teaching home economics to your children:) Any of the courses are great. I would recommend the kitchen course first, it will be a good starter to “home ec” skills. The household and personal finance will deal with more things like money management and how to get a job as well as how to take care of a home. The bigger book combines the two and contains character devotions. Hope that helps your decisions.

  34. Steven Schiavone

    I love the concept, it’s very cool that you put all these together. Thank you for your efforts, don’t forget to spell check and keep up the great work.

  35. Thank you for all you’re hard work and time. What a blessing! May God pour out abundant blessings for your family.

    • Sherry, He has:) I am very thankful that the Lord allows me to do what I do—all the glory and praise goes to Him! Enjoy:)

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