hamburger cookies a fun large family food idea




This is a great fun treat to make.  Usually once a year we make this for some occasion.  We had a fall party that we ended up making these for this year.  They are fun, cute, and super easy to make.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • box vanilla wafers
  • container of vanilla frosting
  • yellow, red, green food dye
  • coconut
  • mint thin type cookies–i believe they are called grasshoppers

What you first do is mix some green food coloring in with the coconut.  Mix around and it will spread the dye to all of the coconut.2013-11-11_00067 Then split your frosting into two bowls.  Add yellow to one bowl and mix thoroughly.2013-11-11_00068 To the other bowl mix in red food coloring and mix thoroughly.2013-11-11_00069 To assemble the cookie, spread some red(ketchup) frosting on one half of the vanilla wafer.2013-11-11_00070 Spread some yellow frosting on other half of vanilla wafer, dip into the coconut for your lettuce.2013-11-11_00066Then place a chocolate mint cookie on top of the coconut.2013-11-11_00072Take your two halves and put them together and you have your hamburger cookie. You can make a bunch of these in no time flat. They keep well in a covered container.2013-11-11_00073


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  1. These look so neat! I will have my kids help me make them for a Christmas fellowship. Thanks for the idea!

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