FREE old testament Bible in 170 days with questions

Hello, hope your week is going well. I am so happy to finally be getting out all of the resources that we will be doing this year.

One thing I wanted to accomplish with my children is to read through the entire old testament.  My children are old enough that this year we will be able to accomplish this. I have divided this up into 170 days worth of study.  We are going to be diving in and doing a lot of read aloud bible study together. I figured I would read from an easier to read version for this course…hmmm any recommendations? Then my older children will answer the questions after we read it aloud. Most every question has the verse number next to it to help them find it easier.

We will also read a Psalm or Proverb each day as well.

All of this will reinforce bible truths for our family. I am excited about this one.  It will be a lot of reading, but  it is something that the Lord has laid on my heart to do this year.  I had to think that we will spend the time reading through worldly read aloud books that aren’t going to benefit their futures very  much, but reading the word of God and being taught wisdom, is going to be much more long lasting teaching for our family. I would much rather choose to fill their minds with God’s word then a worldly fiction book.

This year Old Testament and then the next year we will do the New.

Hope this inspires someone to read through it with their own families.  Be blessed as you go about your day.

click the link for the download

bible old testament

8 responses to “FREE old testament Bible in 170 days with questions

  1. The Lord has laid it on my heart to read through the bible with my children again, going through the old testament is what we have a hard time with. Thank the Lord for his great timing! And Thank you for posting!

    • I am happy that we can encourage each other. Isn’t God awesome in His ability to do that? I can honestly say that as a Christian for 17 years now, I have never read through the entire old testament?!!? I get sidetracked and “bored”. I know bad terminology, but it has never interested me before. But the Lord has been patient with me and has laid it on my heart to do as well. I am the most excited about this part of our schooling this year. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. This is fantastic! I’d never considered doing this with my kids before. I think I will wait another year so that I can have more help with the reading. We enjoy the New Living Translation and often use it for our youth group too. For now we will continue reading through “Everyday Graces,” by Karen Santorum

    • Thank you for the recommendation:) I know I have had lots of little ones and it did not seem feasible for me either, until this year:)I will be happy to do this and it will be up next year when you are ready to do it. Be blessed!

  3. Julie Kinney

    The link for the OT questions is not working….

  4. Hi Amy
    This link just keeps taking me back to the blog post. Am I doing something incorrectly?
    Thanks as usual for everything

    • I apologize….I did not do a good job this time around copying my links correctly?!?!? I apologize and have fixed it:) Enjoy your day today!

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