FREE complete kindergarten and first grade curriculum

Click here for printable advanced kindergarten and first grade curriculum




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  1. Thank you for the link to your kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum. It looks really good. The phonics is similar to what I already do with my little ones, and I love your math. It’s simple and thorough!

  2. That’s awesome and so kind of you to share! I think kids would find it fun! I remember our homeschooling days when the kids were little. I remember I would take masking tape and put a price on some of the food (such as 25 cents or 5 cents or whatever. Then the kids would go “shopping” and buy something.

    I’d add it up and tell them how much they owed, then they would take out their play money and give me the proper dollars and coins. Then, we would switch and I’d shop and give them them money and they would give me the proper change and count it out for me (just like they used to do in the stores).

    The kids loved it and I did too! I remember shopping at a yard sale when my oldest was five. He bought something and gave the lady the proper amount of change for it. She was a teacher and was shocked that he was able to give her the right amount of quarters, dimes and pennies, lol! Thanks for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday!”

  3. Thanks for sharing your homeschooling resources at the HomeAcre hop!

  4. Just what I needed. Pinned and am featuring at Family Fun Friday!

  5. I am very interested in your curriculum, and have tried several times to review it. unfortunately, the pages will only load in part and then give me an error message. I was really hoping to be able to use this curriculum, but I need reliable access in its entirety. please let me know if this is something you are able to resolve.

    • hello Kala, I am not sure why it is not working for you. I went and downloaded it onto my laptop from my site and it has worked. Are you having internet connection issues? Try a different web browser to see if that will work.
      Scroll down past the PDF that loads on the screen to the part that it says download. Click on it to download and then it should work. Let me know if you still are having issues.

  6. Janet.... countrylivingmama

    Hello, I am new to your blog and am looking for printable resources for my homeschooling children. I am schooling quite a few of them this year. (I have 11 children ages 2-22)

    Do you have other grades available?

    Thank you so much!

    • Excellent, yes off my main page, click the button for free schooling resources. It will list all of the courses that I have put on my blog. Glad it is of use to you:) Wow 11 children!!! fun fun

  7. Regina Haggerty

    Homeschooling and looking for different ideas. Thanks.

  8. yes i like to do if tou offer homeschooling for Texas im interested in homeschooling my kids once in kindergarten once in first grade

  9. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for something like this! I too believe my children learn more just by doing everyday things than sitting at a desk. I have been trying to figure out an outline that wouldn’t be too intense or time consuming and you nailed it! Do you mind if i add a link to this post in a blog post im putting together about homeschooling on a tight budget?Thank you!

  10. Is this still available?

    • Hello –sorry it has been relinked. I do not have it online like this one was. It took too long to load and froze up. I created a downloaded printable version instead. Hope you can use it. It is listed under 1st Grade curriculum

  11. Do you mail curriculum? I don’t have a computer, but am willing to pay to have kindergarten and first grade curriculum mailed to me. Thank you.

  12. how much would it cost for it to be mailed the kindergarten?

  13. I have been doing this with my daughter this year, and I never figured out what the journal was. Did I miss something, or was there another document I was supposed to print. I printed the 250 pages and also print the starfall books as suggested. What is the journal/where do I find it? Thank you!

    • The starfall has a link to journal pages that go with the reading cut up books. Look on the download page at starfall:)

  14. What an answer to prayer! I became a single mother this year and literally had to use the money I had put aside for curriculum to buy food for my family. I am so thankful I found these kindergarten pages to use for the rest of kindergarten for my son!
    Thanks a million!

    • Your very welcome…and I thank you for your comments…it came at a time that I needed to hear this:) God is so able if we have the faith to believe through things…praying for you:)

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