FREE complete elementary Grammar course

This elementary Grammar course was written to include ALL of the information needed to satisfy curriculum requirements through the 5th grade.

I have a child who will be doing the 5th grade this year and I wanted to make sure that he did EVERYTHING that was required of him before he starts middle school, so I covered it all.  We start out with the basics and move up through a 5th grade level. Some of the material will be a review of what he has already learned, but in case he forgot some requirements, he will be redoing them to reinforce his lessons.

But wait………I also have a 2nd and 3rd grader who will be doing this same curriculum.  They will learn, probably not at the same speed as the 5th grader, but will work at their own independent levels.  Maybe they will take a couple days for some of the new concepts, while the 5th grader will fly through it faster.

If you are looking to review all of the concepts taught in the elementary levels, then this book is for you.  Maybe you skipped over some years from teaching Grammar–I know we did–then this book will be an excellent source for you.  Maybe you want a little more challenging source for your 2nd or 3rd grader, then this course will be good for that.  Whatever your reason, you can’t go wrong because it is FREE.  Download and try it, it’s risk free.  No more wasted curriculum books that you bought only to go through them half way and decide they were NOT going to work for you.  We have been there and done that.  That is why I write my own, I like to give my children the information that they will need and not waste our time doing things that don’t matter.

Since I will be using this course with 3 children this year, I printed off the course and then put it in plastic sleeves in a 3 ring binder.  This way my pages stay nice and whatever page they are working on, they can just turn to it.

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8 responses to “FREE complete elementary Grammar course

  1. I can’t thank you enough for this-I am sure this is God-ordained, just for me and my extra-behind 5th grader:)

  2. This is so awesome and perfect! It’s to the point, not overwhelmingly long and doable for multiple ages…how great! I’m so happy with this, thanks so much for taking the time to share, I always appreciate it.

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  4. My friend just passed on your site to me. I am so excited and extremely thankful that you are sharing all of the with us. You have worked many hours to put these together. You could totally charge for them. You have blessed our family so much by making these free. I know that God will reward you for you love and kindness to so many of us. Much Blessings to you and your.,

    • Jennifer, I am very happy to be able to share what I can. I know what a HUGE blessing and need it was for myself to find things free when I needed them. I am glad to be able to do it.I pray your year will go smoothly. Blessings, Amy

  5. First I would like to say thank you for all your time and efforts to put these resources together and make them readily available for families that are greatly benefiting from them. Thank you 😊 I was wondering if u have answer keys to you complete grammar course and elementary math course? Thank you 😊

    • Your very welcome. I apologize but I don’t. In the state that I moved to, we have to test at individualized levels, so I started doing the individual grades. I will one day, go back and do answer keys for all of the courses that I offer. I am sorry. I know it is a bit more work to go back through, I will put that on my list to get to:)

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