elementary grammar download

Download (PDF, 1.06MB)

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  2. AMAZING timing on this Amy.
    I have needed something like this for awhile now, but had no time, energy or money to do it-so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!

  3. southafricanmama

    This is an awesome teaching tool, thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing resource! I really appreciate your hard (heart) work!

  5. Thanks a bunch!!! Is there an answer key?

  6. I am loving your courses. If I have a 6th grader in the fall, who has never taken well to formal school ( she can follow a recipe perfectly though) -would she need this course or the 6th grade English? Also, I can’t get the math speed link to work.
    Thank you so much!
    PS ordering the 2nd grade from amazon soon:)

    • Lorie, I am happy that you have found us:) I would recommend just starting at the 6th grade English course. It is very plain and basic and I feel like your daughter will do very well with it. It doesn’t require to know anything beforehand, all the concepts are reviewed or explained on each page. If your daughter was in 5th grade and never had “formal schooling” then I would do the complete review of grades 1-5. Just to do some basics, but I’m fairly confident she will do well in the 6th grade course. Thank you on the math speed link not working. It is now fixed. Glad to be able to help you out. Be blessed! Amy

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