easy popcorn balls

We have enjoyed making these over and over throughout the years.  They are super easy to make, we even did them for a girls group for our Fall festival one year.

you will need the following:

  • A large roaster pan full of popped popcorn about 12 cups popped
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 pkg marshmallows
  • 1 pkg jello–we used strawberry



Melt over med low heat your butter.  Once melted add the package of marshmallows.  Then when completely melted add a package of jello.  Stir thoroughly.IMG_20150211_114553

Have your plain unpopped popcorn ready in a roaster pan or large bowl.IMG_20150211_114618

Pour the marshmallow mixture over top of the popcorn.IMG_20150211_114629

It looks very pretty, try and scrape as much as you can out of your bowl. Then let the children lick the rest!IMG_20150211_114919

Using a large wooden spoon, carefully fold and stir the mixture to evenly disburse the marshmallow mixture.  It will eventually coat all of the popcorn, just keep stirring.IMG_20150211_114925

Having a little bit still white is fine, there is plenty of sugar to go around!!IMG_20150211_115358

We then take a bowl of water and dip our hands into them. Shaking off the excess water, but still having them damp.  Grab a handful of popcorn and form them into balls. It is easier if your hands are damp.  It just helps them not stick.  IMG_20150211_115406

You can set them on a platter and just grab and eat them as is.IMG_20150211_115949

Or if you are making them for a group, you can wrap them in plastic wrap.

This will stay good for a long time.  We have made them a week in advance and they still stay fresh when wrapped up.

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