DIY wreath


I have this space above my mantle that I have never quite figured out what to put up on it.  I kept looking for different ideas and watched while I was at my thrift store shopping, but nothing came about.  Then my friend gave me this grapevine wreath for Christmas and I filled it with greenery from the pine trees here in North Carolina.  Well I am used to pine trees from Michigan and they are a bit more heartier.  My pine branches were quite flimsy and did not fill my wreath up very well and within a week the needles were falling off!  Needless to say, my Christmas wreath was only around for a short time.  I do not like pine needles all over the house.  I like simple, after googling images of grapevine wreaths, I created mine.


I started with leftover fabric from my bookshelf makeover to a benchseat and cut it into strips.  They were about  2 1/2 inches wideIMG_20151229_165112

I then cut out circles.  Nothing perfect or exact just circle shapes:)IMG_20151229_165647

I had a big stack of them–about 40 rounds and then created this.  IMG_20151230_164338

I didn’t do step by step  photos—but here is the site where I found how to make these. Very easy and simple.  I decided to do mine with the wrong side of the fabric showing more because I wanted to see it better on my darker colored mantle.  IMG_20151230_164343

Here is the back view of it.  We made fabric hair bows like this one time too for Christmas gifts.  Was easy and immediate—my qualifications for a DIY project.  IMG_20160106_130016

I then had my husband cut out our initial on his machine and I spray painted it with leftover paint used on my bookshelves.  There was no nail holders in the brick, but up on the top moulding there was a tiny nail.  I took some fishing line and tied it around the wreath and hung it down from that.  I hot glued the flower and the letter to the wreath.  Simple and easy.  I can easily pull off the flower bow and change it for seasons if wanted.  I will definitely invest in “fake” greenery for next year’s holidays:)

If you have some leftover scrap material try making these bows, very cute and easy to do.  Be blessed today.

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