diy sweet sixteen birthday party large family style

We had my daughters sweet sixteenth birthday party this past week, thus the reason for me being non-existent online.  We did a birthday party/open mic night at our home.  Once a month my teenagers do an open mic night at our home anyways to help encourage others in their pursuit of music ministry and this happened to be at the same time as our scheduled open mic.  It was a great turnout, fun gathering of friends and family.


We did a Mexican buffet for food.  It included:

  • nacho chips
  • nacho cheese
  • rice
  • fajita chicken meat
  • taco hamburger meat
  • refried beans
  • lettuce
  • green peppers
  • tomatoes
  • pico de gallo–homemade delicious!!
  • guacamole–homemade delicious!!
  • salsa
  • sour cream
  • ranch
  • black olives

We had coolers filled with cans of pop and bottled water.  We used snow to keep the drinks cold.  We have plenty of that in the North here:)




This is my teens band–Redemption.  They really know how to rock it.  They did a great job.  Then after they play their songs, they open it up to any teens that want a chance to play.  We had quite a few talented teens show off their skills.  It was a fun night.DSCN5222

To decorate the walls of our basement, we bought 20 plastic tablecloths from Oriental Trading.  Her colors were black,white, turquoise, and purple.  So we alternated around the room the different colors.  Over the candy buffet we hung 4 tablecloths on top of each other.  Then we cut through the top three of them about 3/4 of the way up and then braided them about 3 inches down.  It gave the walls a really cute backdrop.DSCN5220

We had fun making our candy buffet.  You can view how we did it here.  We also made a cupcake tower for the 100 cupcakes that we had.  You can view how we did that here.DSCN5219

Since our basement is not finished my goal was to cover every square inch with party decorations.  We got all the walls covered with the tablecloths, but the ceiling was next.  I ordered 350 balloons from Oriental Trading and we blew them all up.  Yes we did!!!  It wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it would be.  I gained a small blister from tying them, but we did it.  We used fishing line to string the balloons onto and then stapled gunned them to the rafters.  We then hung icicle christmas lights in between the balloons.  It gave it a pretty glow.

We also made about 20 tissue paper poms.  Hung those with fishing line.  You can view here how I did that.

We decided to make a photo booth for all of her friends to take crazy pictures.  We made a picture frame out of 2 layers of posterboard with dowels hot glued in between them to make it sturdy.  We then bought Dollar store props.  Glasses, hats, feather boas, big glasses, hair extensions, etc.  We made sure to keep the colors with the theme of the party.  DSCN5211

We decorated the photo booth with the same backdrop as the Treats table.  So simple to make and looks great in photos.DSCN5209

I apologize for the dim color on these photos.  The windows were covered in tablecloths and it gave the room a bluish/purple glow and I did not change my camera settings.  We wrapped tulle strips around christmas lights to wind up the basement poles.

As you can see we got creative when it came to seats.  We took out all of our 15 passenger van seats!!!  People loved them!!  Thank goodness for a large family:)DSCN5208

Here are more of the balloons with fishing line.  My son did a great job of patiently stringing those all up.  Thanks Collin.DSCN5207

We cut out letters from black posterboard and then covered them in blue and purple glitter.  We made the following signs:

  • Lauren’s sweet sixteen
  • photo booth
  • treats
  • open mic
  • party’s this way


I cut the letters out of scrap paper first and then cut them out of posterboard.175 - Copy - CopyThe little girls had fun decorating them.  Glitter, glitter, everywhere:)174

We actually made the rest of these words downstairs on the basement floor, which made most of the glitter get on the unpainted floor.  It looked really neat with the christmas light reflection and the bits of glitter on the floor:)173


what a great time that we had.  It was a long day but a well worth it party.  I think all my little ones enjoyed the candy buffet the best, I just kept seeing them run back and forth to picking up a new piece of candy:)  Definitely a once in awhile party.  But we did it inexpensively.  Made all the decorations ourselves, made all the food and most of the treats ourselves.  It made it a budget friendly birthday that turned out to be special.

Happy Sweet Sixteen Lauren, excited to see what the Lord has in store for you!!

family shots beach 050


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  1. You are so sweet and yes you are pregnant so by all means I will send a cupcake or two your way:) How exciting!!!! That was how it was about 60 people shoved into our home, lots of noise but good family times:) I liked watching the young teens rock out and “us” old people sitting interacting and enjoying listening to the “younger” generation. Makes me excited for all that the Lord is doing in these new generations. Blessings to you, Amy

  2. What alot of work, but you did a great job, and I bet made you daughter feel so special!

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