Christmas women’s devotional series…….Think outside the manger part 4

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With the Christmas season fast approaching and lots added to our “to do” lists, I wanted to take a moment and help you reflect upon this season.  We as women can get so wrapped up in the “doing” that we forget the “being” part of Christmas time.  I wanted to write this devotional to help us identify with each of the nativity people.  This will be presented in a 10 part series–each day signifying a different person.  You can download it here for the complete devotional to use in your ladies group–includes all scripture NKJV.  Or you can enjoy a new person each day through my blog.  Be blessed as we go about remembering the reason for this season.

Day 4:  The innkeeper

The bible does not say much about the innkeeper so I am going to put my own spin on how he may have reacted to this situation.
After reaching Bethlehem after a long exhausting trip, his wife ready to give birth, Joseph asks for a room. Possibly after hearing that there were no rooms available he might of explained that this child, which would be born, would be great! But instead of having sympathy or even considering giving up his own room, he told him there were no rooms available.

Can you imagine sending a pregnant woman on her way when she was ready to give birth? Heartless or too busy! Instead he sends them to the stable.

What a huge opportunity missed by being too busy with the temporary cares of the day!

Are you like the innkeeper, keeping your schedule so full of activities this holiday season that you forget what is the most important gift of all? There are so many activities, cookies to bake, cards to write, crafts to make, presents to shop for and wrap, and parties to attend that the “real” reason for the season can become overlooked. Take the time to say “no” to a few extra things that are crowding up your schedule. Simplify some of the ways that you do things. Don’t worry about having everything “so perfect.” Relax a bit, take time for the Savior, and the rest will all fall into place.

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