Choosing Him All Over Again book review

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When I was asked to do a book review for Juana Mikels new book:  Choosing Him All Over Again I was a little apprehensive, just not knowing the content of it or what it was going to be encouraged towards.  Little did I realize that God would use this book to minister to me in my own marriage and life.

Here is the excerpt from the book:

A handsome husband, a dream job, and plenty of money- so why wasn’t Juana Mikels happy? In a desperate attempt to find the peace and happiness she craved Mikels left it all behind. In Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance & Redemption, (Ambassador International; January 2014; $14.99, paperback) Mikels offers an intimate account of her search for Mr. Right, a journey that ended up leading her into the arms of Jesus, and ultimately back home to her husband. 
Mikels not only includes a candid recount of her own marriage struggles in Choosing Him All Over Again, but she interviewed more than 40 people, all of whom had been separated or divorced at one time. “It is my prayer that you will be encouraged and able to love your husband and to choose him again,” writes Mikels. “It is my delight to share my history with you because my story is a story of God’s grace.” 
Choosing Him All Over Again includes strikingly honest accounts of Mikels’ personal experience of separation from her husband and their ultimate reconciliation. Mikels offers wives 11 checkpoints for refreshing any marriage including saying ‘I love you’ daily, not bringing up past failures and praying for your husband every day. The book provides free resources like prayers Mikels prays for her husband, a note to Christian women married to unbelievers or married to Christian men who are not acting as believers should and access to a FREE downloadable companion Bible study guide

As I read her book from start to finish hearing her testimony of how she left her husband in search for “Mr. Right” but then finding her way into the arms of Jesus, I was moved.  Several times throughout the book, I stopped and wrote down a line that she had written and I placed it on my windowsill in the kitchen for encouragement.

I love hearing testimonies from woman that have stepped out of the plan that God has ordained in marriage and then to hear how God wove their lives back together with their husbands to become one.  It is a true delight seeing the Lord work in both Juana and her husband Terry’s heart.  They were both non believers and it is proof that God hears our desires for us to have more.  Once we line up with Him in our life, He can perform miracles.  God can take a broken, unfruitful person and transform them by the power of prayer into a life that they could never imagine.

While I enjoyed reading Juana’s story and how God was working in her life, on a practical side I enjoyed the blessing that she received from going through this trial—the ability to share and help other woman who may be going through this same trials that she did.

She gives tangible areas with testimony of her journey to focus on during separation and reconciliation.

I had to squirm a little as I was reading the checkpoints to refresh your marriage.  Things that I know myself, I forget to do as a wife.  It is ALWAYS good to be refreshed on our roles in life.  If we just read the bible one time in our life and lived it, there wouldn’t be much growth.  Being reminded of the kind of wife we should be is a good thing.  It is definitely— convicting in a good way.

One part really stuck out to me about seeking unity of interests.  The Lord brought to my attention how many things that we do now a days that draws couples away from each other.  Smart phones, tv, the internet, sports, personal interests, and our need for personal alone time.  So many things pull couples away from each other more and more in our society, no wonder there is a breakdown of marriages.  Most woman are in a mentality of wanting “their needs” met without ever considering what it is God wants in their life.  They go into marriage with the “me” mentality and that usually will fail real quick.  Marriages are about two people becoming one and enjoying the benefits of growth through that time.

She quotes JR Miller in her book and it says:

Every plan and hope should embrace the other.  The moment a man begins to leave his wife out of any part of his life, or (if) she has plans, hopes, pleasures, friendships, or experiences from which she excludes him, there is peril in the home.  They should have no secrets which they keep from each other.  They should have no companions and friends save those which they have in common.  Thus their lives should blend in one life, with no thought, no desire, no feeling, no joy or sorrow, no pleasure or pain unshared.

I enjoyed that summary because it sums up what a TRUE marriage is–TWO people coming together to become ONE.

I am not big on promoting items that I don’t feel are going to be of worth to you as a consumer.  If you have noticed, I don’t have any affiliate advertisements or links on my blog—its not me. But when I find a book or product that I feel is going to actually truly HELP someone, then I have no problem sharing it with the world.  If you know anyone who may be going through a separation or even someone who is married to an unbelieving spouse, I would recommend this book highly.  I pray Juana is blessed through her efforts of sharing what God has done.  In Luke 8:39 Jesus said, to go and declare all that God has done for you.  I believe that Juana is doing this through her book.

Juana Mikels wrote her own story of how God saved her marriage along with practical teaching on faith and marriage written out of her own failure, pointing us all to Jesus Christ who has the power to change lives and marriages. You can get a copy here HERE. ( or on Kindle HERE.

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