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Ok, let’s face it, Smores are a typical part of our American culture for summer fun.  Most every child I know, has had a smore.  When you have little ones, it is a fun treat to make, but watch it when the marshmallow gets all gooey and stuck in hair ,or wiped all over face and hands.  Makes me NOT want to make them.  I usually only do, when I know they are going to go back into their kiddie pool or straight for the bathtub.  Here was some fun time roasting marshmallows last year.

Well what a difference a year makes, we now have 6 little ones that enjoy these treats and they can get messy.  Besides Dad usually has to catch the marshmallows because a child is cooking them and they light on fire.

Well Smores, no more.  We have found that by making campfire cones, they contain the mess and taste 10 times better.  Very simple to make.

Take a sugar cone, smear some peanut butter and stick a slice of banana in it.IMG_20140614_184044

Add some milk chocolate chipsIMG_20140614_184435

Fill the top with marshmallows.IMG_20140614_185353

Wrap it in tin foil.IMG_20140614_185455

Place over hot coals.IMG_20140614_185504

Then wait, let it heat up and melt the chocolate.IMG_20140614_191150

See , so much nicer than sticks full of flaming marshmallows!!  Easy, clean, contained mess.

When they are all heated up, unwrap and enjoy.  Everyone agrees that these taste the best!!

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  1. sounds like the PERFECT solution for our family, as we have 4 with special needs, and tho they love anything sweet and messy, I am not such a fan of the “messy” especially when it involves all the cleanup afterward.
    Thank you for a very good idea!!!

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