Busy weeks again….

I apologize for not being on here much lately, seems life has me filled with many things and I can only be pulled in so many directions. So I did what was important and I knew I would get to the rest eventually.

I am keeping God in my forefront. I am making it a priority to get in my Word everyday. Learning and growing is important and I want my relationship with God to manifest itself more and more. I am excited for all that He has done and all that He is teaching me. It gives a person more peace with life and decisions made in life when you know that the Lord is guiding and directing, and you don’t have to wonder if you are doing the right thing or not. Many years I just did things and “hoped” for good outcomes. I don’t do that anymore. I know that the Lord speaks to me and tells me what to do. I live life with no regrets. I let God deal with the problems. It is so much easier that way. You don’t have to answer the naysayers with the answers to their “what if” questions. I don’t wonder “what if” I just know that God will do. And that is so much better than a life of wonder.

Other things that have kept us busy…..
My daughter competed in Western North Carolina teen talent this past month. That was fun and an experience. She did a pantomime dance and sang with Collin playing guitar. You can see her video here of her dance.

She got first runner up, which is exciting.

IMG_20150418_172702 IMG_20150418_173331 I love how her hair matches her skirt–definitely was planned–smile. Fun times and fun memories.

She didn’t place in the singing category, it was a tough competition, but I still will cherish her and Collin up there playing together. She is probably going to get upset that I posted this as she didn’t think she did very good. I said to her anyone that can get up in front of people and perform is awesome. Who cares if you were nervous and were “off” on a few parts. Most everyone else did too. I am proud of them and wanted to share.

We had fun spending the day together.  Here we were getting ready for her dance:


Here is Dad and the little ones:IMG_20150418_164629

Here is me, Brooklyn, and AutumnIMG_20150418_164717

We also have been busy with school. Here we have to test our children. So we have been busy taking practice tests and will be ready for the “real test” soon.

I am also working on planning their school for next year. Keep watching for my complete school curriculum which I will offer FREE to you. Why buy stuff if you don’t have to?

Our family also got to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway finally!!! When we moved here in November we tried to do it, but it was closed. We were puzzled why they closed it. It was 80 degrees out. But since Mount Mitchell is on it which is the tallest point east of the Mississippi river, it had feet of snow on it already. We were like wow, I forget it is cold up that way–smile. So we have been anticipating being able to drive the whole parkway and we are so glad we did.

Ever since moving here, I told my husband that I wouldn’t feel completely at home until I saw a bear. Well the bear population is very high this year due to the low hunting numbers last year, and we were very fortunate to see 8 bears along the parkway.

Within the first 15 minutes we saw a group of 6 bears!!! Right by the edge of the road. A while later we saw some more and then on the way back we saw a few more right next to my door.

It was so neat.

IMG_20150425_125405It was a gorgeous day and the views were amazing.  I read a quote in a store and it said: When you live in the mountains everyday is Friday.  I can believe that, just pure beauty.

Well than a flaw of the mountains hit…………the clouds……………

IMG_20150425_131056We drove for miles in clouds.  You couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of you.IMG_20150425_133525It was really neat to see the tunnels that were dynamited right in the mountain.

IMG_20150425_132652It was amazing to drive right through.  I felt like I was going towards the “light”— smile.


IMG_20150425_170145Eventually the cloud lifted and we got to see how breathtaking it is.  Pictures do not do a scene justice.

IMG_20150425_173208We then decided we needed a piece of the mountain.  Even though we live here–smile.  Here is Greg grabbing some.

IMG_20150425_174251He said he will clear coat it and we will put it out and take it with us to every home we live in.

IMG_20150425_174259Here was another tunnel in the mountain.

IMG_20150425_174548Okay, then we were cheesy parents and did the heart around the tunnel.  I know…..getting old—-smile.


IMG_20150425_174646It was quite windy up here.  We went to Mount Mitchell, which is the highest point east of the Mississippi—8000 feet.

IMG_20150425_174734IMG_20150425_125551If you need a good vacation, I highly recommend North Carolina—I still can’t believe that we get to live here and enjoy this.  My daughter Autumn said to me, “Mom do we have to go back to our old house? I like it here!”  Spoke words of confirmation to my heart.  We are blessed.

Have a blessed day!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Amy! I know it is always a challenge to balance everything when life gets hectic. Great job at keeping your priorities in line and putting God first. And thanks for the reminder about casting your cares and then leaving them cast!! We are going through a busy season with our third baby due June 15 and my husband recently having sinus surgery…this was a good reminder!
    Blessings to all of you,

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