Are you enjoying summer vacation??? We are…….

Hello everyone, hope your having a great end of the week.  I wanted to write something about what we have been doing lately.  I don’t have pictures, not anything exciting to write about just that life has been disconnected from digital and it is nice.  I recommend you do that as well.

It has been busy at the end of the school year, we finished up and took our state required tests.  Some of those questions, I am like what?!?!!?!?  Poor children these days, to measure a child’s success at how they answer a standardized test question is beyond me. I had to do a lot of mom encouraging during that time and say, “Hey, we don’t measure how well you do by what your results are on this test. Everyone learns differently. You can do poorly on this test and then become a genius in a certain area of life.  This is just what the government says, everyone should be at.  The masses.”  Hmmmmm…the masses……well I think our family has already gone over the line of what the “masses” should be like.  So we are good:)  But still tough on a child.  We did it, and they passed just fine. I hold onto the test for any inquiries by the state, if ever.  Just disappointed that we even have to go through that.

Then I finished up writing and looking through hundreds of book recommendations for the children next year.  So much, I am thankful to be able to do it and then I will have an easier time during the school year when it is busier.  After I get over my “feeling like I need to disconnect,” I will go get a ream of paper and start printing off everything and do a post on how I homeschooled everyone for FREE again this year.  I am just not ready to do that yet.

I have two older children that have been working at a local Christian children’s camp.  They love it!  It is one of those elite camps where it is privatized and very expensive to attend.  Think The Parent Trap type camp.  It is pretty awesome, we got to walk through and see everything.  It will be a fun summer for them.  Our daughter worked their last year and loved it and this is her second year doing it. My son is working most everyday as well and loving that.  Always good to make some income, especially at 16.  So my days are driving him there everyday and picking him up.  It is only five minutes away which is nice, he is saving up for a scooter to buy so he can be on his own.

Then I have been busy helping my husband with our sign business. That is getting busier and where it is requiring me to do more computerized things, so I have been devoting my extra time to that, not to blogging:)

Then we got a red boned coon dog a couple of months ago and she is ………..let’s just say busy.  She likes to chew. She has destroyed four dog beds and countless other blanket options.  We also have adopted 6 kittens.  Am I crazy?!?! Ummmmm…..well living down south I have heard that cats like to keep away snakes and rodents. So I am okay with 6 cats:) But trying to train the dog that a kitten is NOT FOOD, has been fun.  She is learning and they all now can sleep together without worrying that she is going to take a bite out of one.

Our weather has finally gotten nice here in western North Carolina.  We had a rainy spring and it was much cooler than usually.  We live by a private lake and since we live here, we get the benefits of being able to swim there.  Which is so nice.  That is our go-to everyday place.  We pack our lunch, and head to the lake everyday for 3-4 hours depending upon when the children want to go home.  This makes me get up in the morning, take care of chores, make dinner, and then we are gone.  It is a nice change from having to be doing something everyday.  This is the reason for being disconnected.  Something nice about just going, sitting in the sunshine, watching the children play like children should be playing, and swimming in the cool water.  It is like a dream. I think back to my days of being stuck inside all day long with little ones and my life was so busy back then just with the daily routine of life.  It is nice that everyone is older, and we can just go to the lake everyday without much planning and have a great time. For you momma’s out there still “stuck at home”  there is HOPE!

That is my update, not a whole lot of exciting, but it is exciting to me to be able to say, lets just disconnect and have fun.  No phones, no laptops, no internet, just us. Try it today…………………………….it will make you feel like a dream….don’t worry reality is still there and it will still be there when you are ready to go back at it:)  Enjoy and be blessed!

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  1. hi there. if you could post some recipes and ideas for what you are making your kids this summer I would really appreciate it. My kids have one more week of school left and I am always wondering what to feed them. I made them your eclair recipe a lot of times and they loved it.

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