A typical morning at our home

For those of you, that enjoy videos…here is a vlog on my morning routine.  It is pretty accurate most of the time, yes I do have days that it is less busy, but the reality is….I am a mom of many:)  Just like everyone else, it is just a different kind of crazy.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Looks like lots of fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You certainly get a a lot done in the morning! How do you keep your little ones occupied while getting everything done? Any tips on how to get toddlers and pre schoolers to play independently?

    • My life is much easier now that my youngest is 5. There was a time that ALL I could do was regular life routine because I had so many demands on me from little ones. Don’t look at what I do if your life is different, because I don’t have little ones that need me as much…….You do what YOU can do 🙂 I did a lot of like “stations” when mine were little. I would keep all the toys and activities that were messy separately in an area that they could not get to so that it was something they looked forward to playing with. I would say “Okay, its quiet play time…you can choose to play with Mr Potato head, magnet pieces, paper dolls, blocks, etc…–have specific toys” and then they would take the plastic container and go play in the area that was designated, depending upon what I was doing at that moment. If it was table time….they might all play playdough while I was making lunch….I was pretty structured back then and kept to a specific routine and time –because I had to, to survive:) If fighting was an issue…I might have them play separately in separate rooms…all ones that I could see them still:) If you have older ones have a “buddy” time. I would set up different times during the day –times that I really needed to get things done and would have an older one play with a younger one. I might have an older one take a younger one outside to play, or the girls would do a tea party. We had a list of ideas for those that couldn’t come up with something and that worked great! My younger ones really looked forward to spending their half hour with the older sibling. I hope this helps!

  3. Great vlog! You are very organized! My dd noticed that your son was playing with the Elf on the Shelf. (Apparently you’re not supposed to touch the Elf or it loses its magic.) I told her that everyone’s elf has different rules and that in your household it was okay to play with the elf. We got a good laugh when your son showed up playing with the elf again towards the end of the video! “There he is with the elf again, mom!” She blurted. Ha! Ha! lol : D
    Happy Holidays!!

    • That is so funny. I am new to Elf on the Shelf and the only reason we have it is because my children love to watch Youtube videos and Elf on the Shelf has been something they have talked about forever, so we surprised them. Myself, I knew nothing about them so I just let the older ones place the Elf in funny places and the little ones love it. My older daughter is a nanny and one day she was at her clients home and she went to touch the elves…because she was used to ours being played with all the time and the children gasped at her….”Don’t touch the elves…they lose their magic!!” Oh she jumped back real fast and had to explain it away quickly lol. Now I realize that they can’t be played with….Well in our home, Elfie goes in Ken and Barbie’s car almost everyday to play:) Fun…..Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Amy, I just read your response to my dd and we had another good laugh. Your elf is very lucky!! Merry Christmas! : )

    • Well, Elfie, has been lost the last few days and my children are like, “Where is he?” My older daughter said…”maybe you are playing too much with him:) and he has lost his magic.” I did find him under the Christmas tree this morning. It is fun. Mine have “balled up” a lot since they play with them, I will have to do a shaving on the felt before I put them away. I am thinking we will get a new set every year to add to the fun or at least let everyone have one to play with so no one has to share:) Have a great day!

  5. We’re so happy to hear that you found Elfie!! All of the lint balls just means he’s well loved : ) What a great idea to add more elves to the family… So fun!

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