2nd Grade English course

Just click to download and then print it off.  Be blessed and I pray it will be of use for you.


2nd grade EnglishFinalprint

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  1. Hello, I am extremely new to homeschooling.. I pulled my kids out last week because public school was completely failing them.. How exactly do I use this? Is it like one page a day? I love your site by the way. thank you so much! I have been so overwhelmed with this homeschooling stuff.. I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to put together a curriculum for my kids.. Then I came across your site. I plan on downloading and saving ALL your curriculums for future use just in case I lose your website. 🙂

    • Samantha, I am happy that you have found my site and are able to use the items. Homeschooling can becoming overwhelming. There is sooooooooo much stuff out there and you don’t want to “fail” your children:) Best advice, stay out of the public school mentality and tune in to what works for you and your children. I have a video series I am doing every Thursday about the basics of homeschooling. I have some already saved under homeschooling resources—scroll down. It might help you get a different mentality for teaching different subjects. We do one page of each subject each day. One math, english, and spelling. They read each day as well and do a reading comprehension page depending upon their grade level. I put down what we did this year. My 6th grader has to complete 6 chapters in 4 days. My 5th grader reads for an hour each day. My 3rd grader finishes a book like Frog and Toad and does pages to go with it every day or every other day, depending upon how much work she has. Do extras when you feel confident. It doesn’t take much to watch a video together involving history or science. After this year when you feel like you want to take on more add something else. Do a simple state unit study for the year, add history and science. Stick to the basics for now and the rest will come if you work at it. I promise:) Praying for a smooth transition!! Be blessed, Amy

  2. Amber Green

    This is saying that it can not be found. I would really love to download it and print it. Could you email it to me?

  3. Marsha Newell

    Hi Amy
    Sorry for the silly question
    But how do I download this
    I can not find anywhere to download from
    And I am so looking forward to trying you program I am hoping it will really help my son

    Thank you

    • It is NOT a silly question:) I think it is silly that I don’t know how to post it easier, because I don’t understand code and how to do things that I want to do specifically,I just use what I can find and hope it works:) Okay first click the linked word—-like it says 2nd grade English final print and then that will take you to the page to download it. It will come up as an image. Then click on the image and it will open up the PDF, you can then print or download it from there. Hope that helps. Let me know if you can’t get it and I’ll send it to you directly.. Thanks

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