21 days to a more natural home series part 15….household items

all natural home seriesOn part 15 of our series we are going to find yet another way to make our homes more natural.

When we think of “all natural” we can think of things that have sustainability, things that we will have for a while, things that don’t need to be thrown away.

One item we replaced in the last few years is cloth napkins.  We wasted alot of money on paper napkins.  I ended up going to Goodwill and finding multiple sets of cloth napkins that we reuse again and again.  I find that cloth clean up better than paper does and then we just throw them in the washer, ready for the next time.

Grocery bags———–oh the numerous bags we have in our household each month.  For our family, we do once a month shopping, it isn’t very feasible for me to buy reusable bags for our grocery shopping, we would have to have much.  But we do recycle and reuse our grocery bags from lining the bathroom trashes, to scooping out the kitty litter.  After each month has passed we are usually in need of more bags.

We do use the material  reusable bags for library books and for toting things to friends homes.  I try to keep some in the car, so that if I do not remember they are always there.

Another way to add to your “all natural home” is by cutting down on the obvious–paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, plastic bags, etc.    We try to reuse our ziploc baggies, by rinsing and hanging with a clothespins on the window to dry.  We don’t wipe off foil and reuse  but I try to use a piece that does not have food on it more than once.  (we do not have a microwave, so we reheat items in the oven and need foil to cover them).  Anything you can do to reduce the amount of items that we throw away in the trash.

Paper towels are a biggie for some of us.  You can use small pieces of cut up rags and then just throw them into the wash to help save on buying paper towels.

Up tomorrow……wipes…….wipes……..wipes……the new “instant” craze

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