21 days to a more natural home series part 10…laundry soap

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With 12 people and a load of cloth diapers every night, we wash a lot of laundry.  I have used this recipe of homemade laundry soap for about 10 years  and I love it.  It smells very simple, cleans great, and is all natural.

 We had many children dealing with eczema and I had to be careful with the detergents I put on their clothing, this solved many of the rash problems.

We make a large 5 gallon bucket of this up and it lasts us about 2 months.  You can scale down the recipe and make smaller ice cream bucket sized.


  • grate 2 Fels Naptha bar soap and place in large stock pot and fill about 1/2 of the way with water.
  • stir over medium heat until melted, be careful as this will boil over if you are not paying attention.
    images (1)
  • when completely  melted add 2 cups of borax and 2 cups of washing soda.
  • stir until thoroughly combined.
  • pour this into a large 5 gallon bucket and fill the rest of the way with hot tap water.

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  • whisk it a few times to combine everything and place lid on
  • let sit overnight

In the morning you will have a nice gelled substance.

I use my old caps from laundry bottles and scoop out about 1/2 cup per load in my HE washer.

Leaves no residue on clothing.

When your bucket of soap gets about half way down and the gel is pretty thick you can add about a half-gallon container of water and re whisk it up.

Watch for tomorrows post...fabric softener…why use it?



15 responses to “21 days to a more natural home series part 10…laundry soap

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  4. I really like the idea of homemade detergent. Could please tell me from where do you buy ingredients for it. thanks

    • hello navi, for the laundry soap, I can get everything at walmart or meijers. Hope you have one of those around you. Carefully check down the soap/cleaning isle, they will be in an “off” spot as they are the “basic” items. Good luck finding them.

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  6. I know this is an older post, but thought this might help someone. I’ve never made my own laundry detergent, but do have the ingredients which I purchased at Kroger in the laundry section. Now, if I could only find the time to make the detergent! =)

    • oh it is soooo simple. The longest time it takes, is grating the bar of soap:) I grate it and put a small amount of water to melt it. Then add all the ingredients into my bucket and give it a swirl. Let it sit overnight, or if you need some right away, it is fine to use:)

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  9. Hi!
    Super excited about trying this!
    I cut the recipe in half being that we are a family of four! I noticed as my clothes were washing there were no suds or bubbles! Is this normal?

    • yes, very normal, no surfectants thus no suds:) Suds are made up chemicals, no need for them:) I know we are made to believe that if it bubbles then it works, but it is not true. Enjoy natural clothes washing..

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  11. I have been doing a similar recipe for years and u am finding that my clothes smell musty. I have a new washing machine so that is not it. Any ideas?

    • Hey Kersten……….hmmmmmm………are you using the same ingredients? We have been using this soap for many years–about 10 and haven’t noticed that. Are they getting dried thoroughly? Maybe left in the washer too long to start to smell? Use some baking soda in your washer to help deodorize the smell or some vinegar in the rinse to help it rinse clean. Let me know if any of that helps. Hope your doing well, with all the little ones.

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