your room cleaning


You have decluttered, and organized, now it is time to clean.  Get out some basic cleaning supplies:

  • Vacuum
  • Wood cleaner—with a rag and bucket (if necessary)
  • Window cleaner and rag
  • Broom—for cleaning spider webs off ceiling
  • Bucket with all purpose cleaner and water for wiping walls, heating vents, etc and a rag


  1. Removing cobwebs. Start by taking your broom and going around all of the corners of your ceiling and removing any cobwebs that may be hanging.
  2. Wiping walls. Grab your bucket with all purpose cleaner and begin wiping the walls of your bedroom.  Start at the top and move down.  That way, if any drips occur, you can wipe it as you are moving down.
  3. Overhead fans. Carefully wipe each individual blade with water and cleaner.  These are probably really dirty.
  4. Window treatments. If you have curtains, take them down and wash them.  Hang them up wet and tug down on them as they are drying.  If you have blinds, you can take them down and wash them in a bathroom—it takes some time, but you only have to do this once per year.   Or you might choose to hose them off outside.   Wipe each one individually.
  5. Use your cleaner and clean the windows. When you are finished, take and wipe anything else like mirrors, computer screens, TV screens, and phone screens.
  6. Miscellaneous things. Don’t forget to wipe window sills, heating vents, light switches, door knobs, and closet handles.
  7. Flat surfaces. Anything that you didn’t wipe off already, wipe.  Pay attention to all of the edges and sides.
  8. Floors. Give your room a thorough vacuuming.  Move in a pattern.  Start on one side and vacuum every area.  If you need to move furniture, do that.  Get underneath the dressers and nightstands.  Take the hose and vacuum underneath bed.  Concentrate on all of the cracks and corners.  Continue moving until you have finished the entire surface of the floor.
  9. Wash bedding. Remove all of your bedding and wash it.  If you are able to hang it outside, let it air dry.  There is something about climbing into bed and enjoying the smell of lined, dried sheets.
  10. Air out your room. If it is cold, open your windows and shut your bedroom door. Let your room air out for 15 minutes or longer.
  11. Make your bed. Tuck in the sheets and blankets at the foot of your bed. Have your comforter lay evenly on all sides of your bed.

To finish up your room, take your trash bag and throw it away.  Immediately go and return all of the items that are to be placed elsewhere in your home.  Don’t just set it down somewhere, put it all away. Put away all of your cleaning tools where they belong.  Rinse out the bucket if needed.  Take your donate box and set it by the door to take with you as you leave the home next time.