writing letters

Art of writing letters

For many of you, you may have never really got to experience how personal and wonderful it is to receive an actual letter in the mail.  With technology it seems silly to mail a letter when you can just text or email people.  But there is something about walking out to your mailbox and discovering that someone has taken the time to send you a handwritten letter in the mail.  It’s a feeling of gratitude.  That someone took the time and thought of you.

Reasons why you should write a handwritten letter:

  • Personal—they contain your effort, your handwriting, and your thoughts.
  • Effort—it takes more effort to choose the supplies needed to write a letter. It is more effort to write out words, compared to typing.
  • Cost efficient—you can pick up a package of stationary or cards and send out a multiple number of letters.  This is cheaper in comparison to sending a one-time gift to someone.
  • Enjoyed over and over— If you have sent a letter of encouragement to someone, the recipient is able to reread what you said and be encouraged over and over.
  • Speaking positive—-In conversations and text messages where emotions can run high, when choosing to write out our words, it forces us to be careful in choosing what to say. It helps us consider what we are putting down and rechecking to make sure our words mean what we intend.
  • Consideration—-it shows friends that you are taking the time to show them that you care and that they were on your mind. It leaves an open door for someone to respond back if they need someone to turn to.

Do you see all the benefits to writing a letter?  I want you to keep a list of people that you can send encouragement to once or twice per month.  These can be your friends that you don’t get to see often,  leaders at your church, or another woman that encourages you often, etc.  Take the time and ask God to put into your mind someone whom you can encourage.  He will give you ideas of people whom you can bless.

Take the time and find some pretty stationary.  You can choose paper or even a pack of note cards.  I like to begin writing on a card and then inserting some pieces of stationary that I finish the letter on.

Begin your letter with some sort of encouraging scripture you have been reading. Explain how God spoke to you through that scripture.  Go through and encourage them by thanking them for what they do for you.  You can share what is going on in your life.  Keep it positive.  If they are going through a struggle, don’t let it be about you—keep it to encouragement and about them.  Don’t ask a lot of questions—no pressure to respond.  You want this to be a blessing, not something you demand in return.  Yes, it would be great if they responded, and hopefully they will, but don’t make pressure to expect it.

If you want to go the extra mile, include something small in the card.

It can be as simple as:

  • a tea bag
  • a pressed flower
  • some stickers or balloons—for a younger person
  • something you printed off the internet
  • a recipe you tried
  • scripture cards

Know that everyone enjoys receiving mail.  Continue this year by being devoted to sending out letters a few times per month to people.  Make it part of your routine.  Hopefully, it will come full circle and you will enjoy the benefits by having someone write back to you.