What to do with day old homemade bread


I do not like wasting food.  When we make homemade bread it usually disappears quickly, but there are some weeks that we just don’t get around to eating it.  I then put it into the freezer and it seems it might sit there for quite some time.  When I take it out, it is usually a little bit harder and not so soft. That is when I came up with this idea……

I cut my bread in slices, almost cutting through to the bottom but leaving it still in tact.2014-05-04_00119

I then poured melted butter down the center of the bread.  Paying careful attention to make it into each and every slit.


I then mixed up some cinnamon and sugar combination and sprinkled it over top of the bread.  I wrapped it in foil and put it into the oven with dinner.  It was on 350 for about 20 minutes.  2014-05-04_00121

Finally I mixed up some powdered sugar and water to a drizzle consistency.  Poured it over top of the bread, making sure to reach into the crevices.

There you have a delicious alternative to day old hard stale leftover bread.

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I make a savory version with olive oil, and a mix of chopped tomato, red bell pepper, garlic and herbs. 15 min in the oven. tastes great. I had never thought of making a sweet one.

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