What to do with an abundance of grapes…..

IMG_20160611_102348(1)I had a friend tell me about this year’s ago and I didn’t think it sounded like a yummy idea…….but I was wrong. (Thanks Kathleen)

Our family likes grapes.  Not the smooshy kind that are a waste of your money, but good firm , take a bite and the sweetness just pops in your mouth, kind of grapes.  Grapes are also expensive.  Have you ever gone and picked up a few bags thinking you were getting a good deal, only to find out that your couple bags cost you $10 after they are weighed?!?!?!  Yes I have made that mistake once in my life.  Then I discovered Aldi’s.  Usually a couple of times per year, Aldis’ will have really good grapes for cheap.

That time of year is now here in North Carolina.  Grapes were $1.89 per bag last week.  My friend said they tasted good too, so I went and grabbed up 12 bags of them.  I brought them home and had my daughter wash them off.  Then we had a picking party at the table, taking the grapes off the stems and putting them on cookie sheets.  It is okay  if some of them are stacked on top of each other, they freeze pretty good individually.

I then put the trays into the freezer and let them freeze solid.  Take them out and put them into quart freezer bags.

We pulled out a bag last night and ate them while sitting outside on the deck.  It was a nice treat after it being 100 degrees all day!  Healthy, my children like them and it satisfies my sweet tooth.

Next time your store has them on sale and in season, grab a few bags and freeze them.  You will love them.

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  1. I love to eat them frozen. They are also GREAT in smoothies.

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