week 4 hands on skill

This week you are going to be taking a two BIG hands on skills.

One being the kitchen.  Especially if it has not been done.  You are going to take probably a few days or an entire afternoon and declutter/organize/clean your kitchen.  Be sure to check with your parent to make sure it is okay and do not throw things away without first asking her.

Your second one is going to be to prepare a meal.  Remember to take the tips learned in this lesson.

Print off helpful reminders in the next section –downloads/assessments

For those that want a challenge…..

This will include all the daily upkeep of the kitchen.  It doesn’t cover any meals.  It is just a module for learning to keep up the kitchen.

Take on the responsibility of the kitchen for the month.  Here are some printables to help you with daily, weekly, and monthly reminders.


An evaluation for mom