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A few years ago I had my “meet the family” post on my blog, but I did not have my oldest daughter.  She was away at college when I did the children’s portraits at the beach and so for a long time I just had my other children’s photos on the blog but I felt led to take it down.

I wanted to do new family photos for the wall and after my daughter came down to visit, I made sure to get a good photo of her so that I could do that.  I did hers last year and grabbed the other children’s this year.  Now I can have my post back up with ALL of my children:)

Here is the start of it all.  My husband, Greg and I at Lake Jocassee.  It is our favorite place to go swim and picnic on the weekend.  The beach is white sand and teal blue waters.  You can see to the bottom, it is gorgeous.  Then we pack up and picnic on the grass (you know since we have moved here, I miss grass:)  This place has a whole area of it!! LOL  We BBQ on the grill and sit and enjoy watching the boats. Dad usually buys over priced bubbles for the children and they love it!  Such a good Daddy:)  My love and I, 21 years later:)


Here is Ashlyn, who is 23.  Yes do the math:)  I had her when I was a young momma–17.  She was the reason that I turned my life around at such a young age.  I was not living for God, I didn’t even know God, just lived selfishly.  She was what kept me going . She has just completed her Bachelors Degree in Childhood Education.  Very proud of her!! Worked her way through college and very self sufficient and independent.  She is now waiting on a job for the school year—-she will get it!  The picture was taken at Caesers Head in South Carolina—another place we frequently visit.


Collin is 20 years old and has grown up to a man.  He has worked and restored three cars over the last few years.  Plays guitar flawlessly, I still think he should do it professionally—but he is very modest:)  He is training and working as a CNC grinder and learning all kinds of things in the mold trade. He bought his first mountain bike and a couple of kayaks.  Ready for some outdoor adventures.  This photo was taken at Table Rock in South Carolina. Icollin402

Lauren is 18 this year. She has been away at Camp Greystone all summer working.  Was able to save money and buy her first car this past week–she is so excited!  She will begin her nanny job this fall and has discovered that young children are her calling in life.  She loves and does very well with that:)  She chose not go to college—the scoffs:) but looks forward to being a stay at home mom  and wife to some young man one day! Photo taken in our front yard.  laurenEvan is my 16 year boy.  Can you tell by the non-smiles:)  “Can you hurry up Mom?”  LOL  He is my XBox gamer. He is also the child who does very well in our wood business.  All of the older children, including myself are highly allergic to the wood dust, but it does not bother him at all.  He likes doing it and has a good eye for precision.  He might be the one who works at it with Dad forever:)  He is faithful to take our old dog Sadie for a walk everyday up the mountain.  Photo taken at Hooker Falls.

IMG_20160425_143730 Jadyn is 11 this year. She is growing up to be a good leader for the younger half of our crew.  She enjoys crocheting and has done amazing work–taught herself from youtube videos.  I love seeing her creations.  She enjoys taking care of her chickens each day—previously Evan’s job back in Michigan.  She loves reading, writing, and playing her tablet.  Photo taken in our front yard.


Brooklyn is 9 this year. She is our sassy girl:)  Loves playing with little children.  We have a neighbor toddler who comes over to babysit and Brooklyn scoops her up and entertains her.  She is a good mommy in training:)  She likes creating things with those loopy bands—she made Jadyn a crotchet hook holder so her hands did not slip—genius!  She has a beautiful singing voice,  enjoys reading, drawing, and playing her tablet.  Her job at home is to take care of our family cat.  This photo was taken at Lake Jocassee.IMG_20160705_191710Autumn, is my laid back, you would think she is super quiet but she isn’t:) 8 year old girl.  She reminds me of my Evan, a deep thinker but very creative. She enjoys creating and playing with her dollhouse people, playing pretend, and playing her tablet.  All my children love their tablets:)  She enjoys singing as well.  Can you tell she enjoys swimming by her tan lines:)  Photo taken in our front yard.autumn

Jentzen is 6. He is my sweet spirited boy.  Loves to play legos.  If there was something to create, he can do it.  He made me a present from legos the other day and left it empty inside with a loose lego so that it would make noise when it shook.  Smart boy. He loves his Daddy (as they all do)but he is the garage boy.   Loves to be down playing with the tools and sawdust.  He enjoys swimming this summer and has found jumping off the big blow up tube and going underwater is the best! Photo taken in our front yard –notice the angle yard:)  Life on a mountain:)jentzen2635Madelyn is 5.  She is my copper hair child.  Looks just like her brother Collin.  She loves to play baby dolls and her favorite is a copy of her with red hair:)  named Curly Shirley.  She loves to play pretend, loves playing with our kitty, and you can find her feeding her baby most of the time. She enjoys singing like the girls do and playing her tablet.  Her favorite is watching youtube videos of other girls playing with their baby dolls:)  photo taken in the front yard—in a hurry as she did not like feeling the grass:)

IMG_20160718_141455Stephen will be 4 this month.  He is our number 10!!! I can’t believe how much he has grown up. He is our make you laugh child. So funny.  Taking his picture was impossible without his funny facial expressions.  He loves playing with his Duplo blocks, Rescue Bots, and Paw Patrol.  Very creative with what he makes .  Independent and enjoys playing by himself or pretending play with any of the siblings.  Such a joy to watch him grow.  He is our only blond hair baby.Photo taken after a hundred others on the steps in our front yard.:)

IMG_20160718_143251  Hope your enjoyed meeting the family. It seems unreal that I have time to do things like blog and write because a few years ago life was extremely busy.  There were so many demands to meet just in the basic care of the children but now they are almost self sufficient.  Every little step of less that I “have ” to do like brush every child’s teeth, get drinks, make plates for dinner, put on shoes, zip up coats, give baths, etc.  As they get older they do those things on their own and my job becomes less.  It is enjoyable watching them grow up.  I am so thankful for the children God has given us for our family.  They make me smile.  I love sitting with my husband at the Lake and watching them play. We did good—-well, God did good!

Have a blessed day!!  Take time to reflect on all that God has blessed in your own lives.  Smile at your children.  Laugh with your husband.  Rekindle those good feelings and memories that started it all:)  If it is a busy time in your life and overwhelming……..know that ONE day it will get less busy.  You will be thankful for what you and get to enjoy them more:)  I promise!!!   Love ya guys.

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  1. Such a lovely family!

  2. What a beautiful family! And that lake looks gorgeous, too.

    Do you mind me asking what your children do on their tablets? Do you have any games you recommend? Do you limit their time? I’m only asking because my children are internet crazy…and it kind of drives me crazy, and I’m wondering if I should chill out on the subject. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, and since you mentioned tablets I figured I’d ask!

    • The lake is gorgeous!!! Tablets…..hmmmm Well since it is summer time, I have to say that my children are using them more than I would like. I was just thinking that I will have to cut back on some tablet time before we begin our schooling otherwise they are going to have withdrawals:) My younger children’s favorite thing to do is watch youtube videos of children playing with toys and pretend play. I don’t have any games that I love specifically. One girl loves Strawberry Shortcake, one boy loves Rescue Bots. We just look through the Amazon Prime free apps once in a while and find another one. Their favorite is Mindcraft. I know I am going to get the bad parent award:) They build things and worlds and love it. My one daughter enjoys playing a piano game. Where it shows her what to click and plays songs. So nothing specific, just random. I get emails anytime a game is downloaded so I can keep track of what they are getting. Once in awhile I have to go find out who downloaded something I didn’t think was age appropriate:) When we start school, I will limit it more. It will be…finish your schooling and have tablet time. The little ones played with them more when they first got them until they were dead. Now they will play or watch videos for a bit and then go off and play. I usually find their tablets sitting in a spot where they left them. I may go back to just a couple of hours in the afternoon so that I can have some time to get things done. I can’t say I am as strict as I used to be or that I limit things. Being a parent of 10 makes you not be so strict after a few of those older ones grow up okay:) Hope that helps. Set a time that they can play with them and stick with it. I was opposed to getting them but after we did, I realized that I had a little bit of time to myself and that was worth it. 🙂 You have to do what works best for your family. If it is too much—cut back. Do it slowly otherwise it will be a fight. Replace it with something else. Hope this helps you. Be blessed.

  3. Our 10th and youngest child is 3 years old, a boy, and he is also our only blond child! All the rest have dark hair. It is amazing how the blond can wait so long to show up. Friends will see our son and say, “Is he one of yours?? He has blond hair!” It is so much fun!

    • Wow! So fun!!! I know everytime we had a baby and they would come out with a different color hair like the copper red or the blond, I was like what!!?!?! We almost cover all the hair color spectrum–except for black. But I can hope for grandchildren;) I am sure your home is filled with lots of busyness as well. My youngest turns 4 this week and it has been an exciting time over the years, they grow so fast! Enjoy them and smile through the craziness:) Be blessed Aimee!

  4. Gina Phillips

    Such a lovely family and beautiful children! My oldest girl was also born when my husband and I were very young and we were married 18 months after she was born. She is 14. But the grace of God is so great and the blood of Jesus washes away all sin! So glad for such a wonderful Savior! We can look back without shame and see the testimony of an Awesome God! Have a blessed day! My youngest son watches videos of kids playing all the time lol! But I count it as school since he has moderate Autism. Social skills education!

    • Yes I am thankful for the washing of the blood by Jesus. I would not be where I am today without my past. I am thankful that I am saved, and turned around. I wouldn’t have it any other way:) Good to know my children aren’t the only ones watching children playing—–LOL. We could have made lots of money playing with toys and making youtube videos:) Glad someone else is:)

  5. What a lovely family! I found your blog about six months ago and love it! I’ve just realized that we’re really close to each other… we live in the mountain area too! Might see you at Caesar’s Head one day! 🙂

    • Oh wow! Are you in NC or SC? Can you believe that Table Rock is burning? My son came home and showed me a photo. I have been seeing a haze of fog up in the mountains when I look across the tops and it smells like burning leaves, but this is our first time living “on top” and I didn’t know if that was normal, but now that I know it is on fire, that explains the smell. Do you have any children?

  6. Just now checking for your response! Life’s been busy! We are in NC, just over the border. The Table Rock fire moved into NC, and we could see the smoke clearly from our neighborhood until the rain moved in. I assume that now it is fixed, as I haven’t heard any more about it. We have two children, a 17 year old daughter and an 8 year old boy. We homeschool, and our girl is taking your Kitchen skills course for home ec this year. What a great job you did putting that together! Thank you for letting everyone have access. That is so selfless of you. I did purchase the book, though, because I didn’t want to take without giving. Homeschooling is huge up here, and I’ve recommended your courses to several other families. We love, love the mountains. Hope you do too!

    • Wow Vicki! We are probably neighbors:) or at least I might be able to see your mountain:) We are the first exit into NC over the border. Do you goto the Green River Library? We do our homeschool gatherings there usually once per month. Starting back up in January. We do love, love the mountains. There is no place I’d rather be. I am happy that you have enjoyed the course. I think it is something that we need to help train our daughters in. Everyone is going to have to eat—we might as well do a good job so we can enjoy it! Have a blessed day and stay WARM!!! It is cold—-miss my warmth:)

  7. Petra Nieuwpoort

    What a beautiful family you have!
    I just discovered your blog today and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for all that you’re sharing!

    • Thank you very much. I am happy you have found us. Hope you find something useful. Be blessed! Amy

  8. Amy, I just wanted you to know that my daughter made cupcakes from the recipe in unit 11 this week and they are the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had!!! Like pound cake in a cupcake, moist, tender. We didn’t even see the need for frosting. I’m not a cupcake eater usually because they tend to be dry, but these are perfect. I’ll never use another recipe!

    • vicki, that is wonderful! I love, love, love finding recipes that ACTUALLY really work and are simple. I am very happy that your daughter got to experience making something from scratch and have them taste good:) Keep me posted on any other finds or flops:) Thanks

  9. I’m very excited to have found this blog! Seems to be just what we needed; a breath of fresh air. Thank you for offering this home economics course for free. That’s very kind of you. I look forward to looking around the blog. (We’re in NC, about an hour or so from Charlotte.) Lots of homeschoolers around here. We enjoy homeschooling very much.

    • Hello and nice to meet ya! We like NC very much—now if this rain would just cease?!?!?! I know hurricane season, its good:) I am happy you have found the course and yes, please look around there are lots of free homeschooling resources that you might be able to help someone else with who is in need of them. Be blessed!

  10. Beautiful family! (I first found you on YT, freezer meals). We have 6 children ranging from 4 years old to 30 years old!!! (2 are married and have their own families). As a house painter’s wife, simplicity has been best! A homeschooling mom of only two children now, it’s getting easier. Wish I found you many years ago! Will be using your curriculum and freezer meals in the very near future!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! For all that you do and have done to help in so many ways! It is much appreciated!!!

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